Your Guide to the Lab Australian Shepherd Mix

The Lab Australian Shepherd Mix or Aussiedor is a gorgeous mixed dog breed! Their fur color is that of the Australian Shepherd, and the body type is mostly that of the Labrador Retriever.

The Lab Australian Shepherd mix is a great fit for those who a new to the dog world since they are easier to train and handle in general. Unlike the Rottie Aussie mix, which needs a firm yet loving hand, the Lab Australian Shepherd is just the opposite.

The Lab Australian Shepherd mix doesn’t want to be the pack’s alpha; they are pleased with you as the leader. You can make a few training mistakes without getting a real nip in the butt later on in the adult stage of life. If you are an experienced dog owner looking for an energetic and challenging dog the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix might be a breed to look into.

In this article, we cover the parent breeds, the Australian Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever before we get to the offspring the Lab Australian Shepherd mix. 

The Labrador Retriever

  • Weight – 50-80 pounds
  • Height – 22-24 inches tall
  • Lifespan – 10-12 years
  • Exercise – 30-40 minutes daily
  • Training – 10 to 15 minutes daily
  • Health – Hip dysplasia, bloat, cold tail, PRA, & obesity

The Labrador Retriever is America’s favorite dog breed! They are an agreeable and friendly companion that is a popular choice for families. Labs are highly social and have a love for all people, children, and animals alike, which explains their widespread popularity.

The English Labrador is also a popular family dog, they are shorter, stockier, thicker necked, and more mellow than their American cousinsYou may enjoy our article on the difference between the English Labrador versus the American Labrador.

The Labrador Retriever comes from Canada where they were bred to help fishermen and hunters retrieve their catch. They needed a friendly dog that loved to go fetching and also enjoyed being in the water and wouldn’t maul the prey with their teeth.

The Labrador was brought over to England in the 1800s by some English nobles. Now, the English Labrador Retriever is bred mostly for companionship, family dogs, and show dogs.

The Labrador was brought over to England in the 1800 - The labrador Australian shepherd
Labrador Retriever

The Australian Shepherd

  • Weight – 55-65 pounds
  • Height – 18-23 inches
  • Lifespan – 12–15 years
  • Major health concerns Hip/elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, deafness, OCD, cataracts, & drug sensitivity
  • Temperament – Aloof, confident, loving, loyal, playful, protective, and caring
  • Exercise – 30-45 minutes daily
  • Good in an apartment? – No! They need a large property to work on!

A lean, tough ranch dog bred to help herd anything that moves, and they are cowboys’ best friend! Their names imply that they come from Australia, but that is the exact opposite of where they come from! They actually come from the western United States, at around the time of the gold rush 1840s.

The Aussie is happiest when they have a job to do, so if you decide to get an Aussie, you may want to give them a job or task and regular exercise. Examples of “jobs” could be learning to fetch or find on command, playing frisbee or ball, and regular walks to help you stay fit. 😇🐕

The intelligent Australian Shepherd are a hard-working dog breed that uses barking, nipping, and eye contact to drive the herd one way or another. By the way, they may herd anything, including the family; if they have not been shown who is the pack leader, they may still try and herd young children about as well.

The intelligent Australian Shepherd are a hard-working dog breed that uses barking - Aussidor
Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix — AKA the Aussiedor

  • Weight – 50–120 pounds
  • Height – 20–25 inches
  • Lifespan – 10–15 years (But most only live to around 13)
  • Major Health Concerns – Hip dysplasia, PRA, Bloat, Bone Cancer, Cataracts, VWD, and arthritis
  • Grooming – Brush four to five times a day throughout the spring and fall
  • Colors – Black, grey, brown, red, cream, white, and sable.
  • Eye Color – Most often blue
  • Exercise – They need long walks and runs.
  • Training – The Rottweiler Husky mix is notoriously stubborn, a trait inherited from both parents.
  • Socialization – Positive exposure to other people and dogs daily for best socialization.
  • Temperament – Loving, caring, watchful, loves to hunt small game, eager to play,

General info

Now! We have gotten to the subject that you are most interested in! The Aussiedor is a high powered working-dog best suited for farms or large properties. Both parents are active, which means that the Aussiedor will be just as active!

So, if you do live in an apartment you may be able to live with this dog breed if you give them plenty of exercise each day.

Next, we’ll cover six different sections in this article that may be of interest.

  1. Training
  2. Socialization
  3. Exercise
  4. Temperament
  5. Grooming
  6. Health
raining should start when you get your cute puppy! The sooner you get the little puppy - Australian Shepherd Labrador mix -
Australian Shepherd

Training for the Lab Australian Shepherd Mix

Training should start when you get your cute puppy! The sooner you get the little puppy, trained on how to follow through on the basic commands, the quicker your training will be! Constant training is one of the keys to keeping the Aussiedor mix happy and content.

As a puppy, train 15 to 20 minutes daily, with a few play breaks in between the sessions. Train the puppy on the basic commands first:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Stop
  • Stay
  • Drop it

As the puppy becomes an adult and you move on with different commands, make sure to revisit the most important commands. Think of the basic commands as the house’s foundation, and as your dog grows in height/weight, he is also growing his mental capacity. If you don’t create a solid foundation for your dog, the unstable foundation will begin to show weaknesses and start cracking here and there. Until one day, the foundation falls, and the whole house falls like a deck of cards.

Socialization of the Australian Shepherd Lab mix

In the very beginning, take your puppy out wherever you go! Allow them to get smells, sites, people, animals into their brains the more they see. The better they react to strange and uncertain circumstances, the better your dog will be throughout his/her life.

The one place you should never go when your dog is still a puppy is to the dog park! Your puppy is still very young, and things can get way out of control and may scare your puppy for life. Also, your puppy is not vaccinated, and so your pup could pick up and carry a disease everywhere he/she goes (like your bed😨).

Exercise for the Aussiedor

The one place you should never go when your dog is still a puppy is to the dog park! Your puppy is still very young,| the Lab Australian Shepherd

The exercise of this breed is essential! If you’re a couch potato, please get another dog breed that loves to laze about! 🤔

Without adequate exercise, the Aussiedor breed will become frustrated and may act out.

Signs Your Dog is Frustrated by Inadequate Exercise

  • digging holes
  • Insistent herding you or anything else that moves
  • escaping for long journeys by him/herself or traveling with other packs.

If you are an active person who is often outdoors, then Aussiedor is probably a good choice! Many Labrador Australian Shepherd mix dogs love to herd you and or other animals about, and they also have a strong urge to go game hunting!

So if you have a cat, make sure to teach them that hunting the cat or any other small game is not okay! If you don’t teach them that in the beginning, then they’ll make your cat’s life miserable, or worse, and we don’t want to think about that!

The Temperament of the Lab Australian Shepherd mix

This breed is:

  • Family oriented
  • OCD about work
  • loving
  • playful
  • focused
  • eager to please
  • loves to work
  • watchful

If you plan on getting a dog but ultimately plan on keeping it in the back of the house with little access to the family, then again skip this dog and get a goldfish.

Dogs, especially this breed, want to be with the family, not alone somewhere on your property! But with the family doing whatever you do! If you do get this breed and leave them all alone, they will become frustrated and may escape and or act out in a way that may put them in the pound.

The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix also has some very strong herding instincts, so if don’t be surprised if you start getting herded around the house. They may want to herd you to their toys, or to the door to play or exercise, some people may take their dog to a local farm where they can earn a little extra money by herding sheep, cattle or goats about.

The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix also has some very strong herding instincts, so if don't be surprised 
 | Australian Shepherd Lab

Grooming Needs Of The Australian Shepherd Lab mix

The grooming of the Australian Shepherd Labrador mix will be a constant battle between you and the millions of hair that will fall out throughout the year. You will brush your pupper so many times you will begin to think that you’re going to brush your dog to baldness! Believe me! I have thought that the amount times I brush my own dog, he should technically be bald by now. I know that I would if I had someone constantly brushing me that many times!

During the spring and fall, your dog will be a literal walking cloud of raining fur! With each pat on the back, your dog’s hair will avalanche down upon the floor. So you will need the vacuum at the ready during the spring and fall; during the summer and winter, the raining of fur will slow down to a steady drop of only a few hundred during the day and night 😉😜.

Health Issues of the Lab Australian Shepherd Mix

  • Cold Tail – Cold tail happens to sport dogs, they gradually lose the loss of their tail, this is quite painful for it is at the base of the butt.
  • Hip dysplasia – A lot of purebred dogs get hip and or elbow dysplasia due to overbreeding
  • Obesity – The Labrador is prone to overeat and they can become obese.
  • Epilepsy – The Aussie can sometimes suffer from epilepsy which results in occasional seizures.
  • Bloat – Bloat happens when a dog has just eaten and is taken out and is run about for a while. This is a deadly condition if not take to the vet immediately. There the Veterinarians will cut into the stomach and untwist the stomach.
  • OCD – is an inflammatory condition that occurs when the diseased cartilage separates from the underlying bone
  • Cataracts – A natural thing that happens with age
  • PRA – This is a painless process of going blind
Health Issues of the

Conclusion of the Lab Australian Shepherd Mix


We here at Labrottie give the Australian Shepherd Lab mix a five-star rating! They are a fantastic family dog, though they do have a longer health issue list than most. The Aussiedor is a dog breed that occasionally needs firm leadership skills. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix do need training and socialization as soon as you get the puppy!

Australian Shepherd Lab mix are a very high energy level dog that needs the maximum amount of play and exercise through out the day. So keep that in mind if you live in a small house or apartment, if you do you may need to either hold off on getting this mixed breed, or if you already have one exercise them about 6-8 per day.

So this is can be a breed for most people! You don’t need to be an experienced dog owner to own this good boi or girl! If you are experienced with large dog breeds and you want something that is a bit tougher, may we suggest several big dog breeds that need a firm owner who knows how to handle a big dog?

If you have a dog/s and you wish to share it with our Mixed dog breed photo gallery. All we would need is a little information on your pup and a photo. Also, if you have any questions or comments, please email us.

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