Labrotties – Rottweiler Lab Mix

Two of the most favorite dog breeds!

What do you get when you cross a Black Labrador Retriever with a German Rottweiler? Labrotties!

Both of the Labrador Retriever and the Rottweiler are in high demand! Both of them have a large amount of loyalty, lovability, playfulness, and in the case for the Rottweiler, their capability to be an excellent watchdog/guard dog. (Side note here, we have the best guard dog article here as well if you interested in it.)

Where did the Labrador Retriever come from?

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  • Weight- Weight – 55-99 pounds
  • Height – 22-24 inches
  • Coat – Chocolate, black, yellow
  • Temperament – Playful, loyal, even-tempered, outgoing, agile, trusting, gentle, smart, & kin
  • Shedding – Sheds heavily during Spring and Fall

The Labrador Retriever birthplace is Canada, they were bred to help the fishermen and hunters retrieve there catches. The breeder needed the Labrador to love jumping into the water and retrieve the days catch no matter the tempter. They also needed the dog to be very soft in the mouth in order to not make the catch unsellable.

The reason why the Labrador does not care whether the river, lakes, or ocean tempter is freezing cold or not is because they have a double-layered coat that is also handly waterproof. The breeder also needed the Labrador Retriever to be friendly and docile to family members and strangers alike.

in the 1800s the Labrador gained its worldwide reputation when a few nobles from England noticed the Labradors tendency towards being a loving, loyal, and very soft-mouthed companion.

The English created their own version of the Labrador which, if you want to read more into the difference between the English Labrador vs the American Labrador we have that article here as well.

The Rottweiler Origins

Labrotties – Rottweiler Lab Mix  #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful
  • Weight- 110-130
  • Height- 24-27 inches
  • Lifespan- 8-10 years
  • Coat color- Black and brown.
  • Temperament- Aloof, confident, loving, loyal, playful, protective, and caring

The Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world! They were used in the Roman army to help herd their livestock. Back then the Romans could not just pop into Lowes foods or Food Lion and start asking for a dozen whole cows. If you were going to war you had to have a supply line otherwise you and all your soldiers would die of starvation.

So anyways, the Rottie was originally discovered by the Romans in a town called Weiler which is in a country called Germany. But the Romans called Germany Germania, anyways, the Romans saw how useful the Rottweiler was and so took them along with them.

The Rottie was not only used to help the herders but to also protect the livestock from wolves and other dangerous creature. They were also used to help repel raiding parties and were trained to go into battle with the dog master.

Did you know that the Rottweiler is the eighth most popular dog in the world?
Nowadays the Rottweiler is still used as a police dog, herder, guard dog, and is even still being used in some countries military.


Labrotties #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful
This his Onyx our late Doberman-Lab Mix

I grew up with one rescued Golden Retriever mix, a Lab Doberman mix, and fostered a purebred Catahoula. In recent years the family dogs included a couple of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and my sister’s Maltese, Prince Caspian.

Word has it that I’ve loved dogs all my life. The story goes that I took ownership of our first dog when I was two. Hanu was a golden retriever mix. I’m told that because I couldn’t ride him, I decided to become his master and playmate. I spent many happy hours with him.

So I love dogs in general, but I’m here to share what’s to love about labrotties. I will also share what to be aware of that could be an issue.

If this is your first time owning a dog, be aware that a labrottie is a blend of energetic and mouthy breeds. Labrotties are a mix of two different dogs breeds: Black Labrador Retriever and the German Rottweiler.  These two breeds share some of the same virtues.

Labrotties are a mixture of  Black Labrador Retriever and the German Rottweiler.

Labrottie Rottweiler Lab Mix #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful

The alpha male

For new dog owners, they might be a bit overly energetic and headstrong, so if that’s you, I would ask that you get another dog breed before going all-in with the Labrotties. Even I have some alpha male issues with my boy Zeus the Labrottie.

The male Rottweiler is a serious alpha male type of dog and so it should be no surprise that the gene oftentimes gets passed down to the Labrottie. Lots of people say that they have a power struggle almost every day, it is not anything very serious. Its just little steps across the line of insubordination, and then they just saunter back over the line and act as if they didn’t do anything.

This is called testing the waters, he/she is taking little steps across the line to see how much they can get away with a little disobediences. Let me give you an example, the other day Zeus and I were walking up our hill. On the way down since he did a good job I let him off leash as a reward.

Zeus stayed behind and when I called him he acted like he didn’t hear me it took me three more calls to get him to come. Zeus was clearly trying to test the waters, to see if a revolution was ripe for the picking, happily, that day will not come for a long long time.

So be ready for little disobediences don’t be harsh when you correct them, but do not reward either because a small step in disobedience is still a step all be it may not be the way you want it to go.

Are Labrotties good guard/watchdogs?

Most labrotties have the protective gene of the Rottweiler, but the friendly gene of the Labrador can be seen in some of the Labrotties as well.

The bottom line is that you cannot be sure whether or not you will be getting a labrottie with the rottie gene or the labrador gene. You could get a labrottie with the looks of a Rottie, but he/she may actually have the temperament of a labrador.

Or the roles could be reversed it could be the Labrador looking dog that actually has the Rottweiler gene. At the end of the day, Labrotties are friendly, playful, eager to please, high energy, and easy to train for experienced pet owners.

Labrotties are used as family dogs, guard dogs, police dogs, seeing-eye dogs, search and rescue, herding, and much much more.

As Cesar Milan, a.k.a. The Dog Whisperer advises. Says~

“Exercise, discipline and then affection, and in that order.” Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer

Labrotties Rottweiler Lab Mix #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful

If you provide your labrottie with plenty of exercise, training, and play, you’ll both be happier and healthier.

Labrotties Rottweiler Lab Mix #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful
Author, Nikolai Alderson at home in NC with his best buddy, Zeus. Labrottie image by

Labrotties Overview

  • Weight- 60-110 pounds
  • Height- 20-27 inches
  • Lifespan- 9-12 years
  • Exercise- 30- 45 minutes running, playing, fetching, searching, or obstacle courses

Labrotties are high-energy, loving, caring, protective, loyal, and large goofballs. Labrotties are low maintenance and their training becomes easier with each passing day they live.

They live best in a house with a yard (not an apartment). Life expectancy is 9-12 years. Labrotties health is ok; that’s why they have such a short lifespan. Their health problems come from both sides of the parents due to over breeding.

Labrotties Body

Hades #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful
Hades a Labrottie – Contributed by Georgia Gates

Labrotties have many different names, such as Lab/Rottweiler, Rottwador, Rottador, Labweiler, Rott’n Lab, and Rottweiler labs. Rottweiler Lab Mix almost always has a domed head with small or large-sized peanut eyebrows, and they sometimes have light gold, dark red, or brownish cheeks.

Labrotties have bodies built more like a Rottie, big and muscular and a domed head. However, some more of a bulky head and a thinner body, more like a Labrador.

If you are gone all day at work and you come home to see your home destroyed, don’t be surprised. Labrotties are an intelligent and energetic breed that needs lots of exercises, activities that engage their brain, and interaction to occupy them.

They are definitely not inclined to the sit-at-the door and stare at it all day, nor are they content to sleep all day.

Labrotties need a purpose!

Labrotties - Rottweiler Lab Mix #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful

Labrotties need exercise, training, and discipline. So, give them a job. Otherwise, they will find things to do, like destroy whatever they happen to fancy. I know. I’ve had most of my socks destroyed plus blankets, towels, t-shirts, comforters, hats, and leashes. Oh, and there’s the wood on our sliding glass door and the foot of an antique dresser.

Puppy's First Swim

'My first swim' ??

Posted by LADbible on Sunday, October 15, 2017

But… if you give them what they need, they will give you more than that in return as a loyal, fun—and funny—best friend for life!

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