Dog DNA Test Kit Review – Surprising Results

Since the day Zeus (my Labrottie) arrived on my doorstep as a puppy, we have been wondering about what his exact breed is? Well, today, I am excited to share that we received a Dog DNA Test Kit!

We were delighted that Wisdom Panel sent us a test kit for a review! In case you have not heard of them, they are one of the worlds leading canine DNA testing companies.

Wisdom Panel Test kit gives you seven clear and simple instructions on how to properly swab and then ship off your dog’s DNA test kit, which we’ve listed below here. We have a video at the bottom of this article as well.

How to Use the Wisdom Panel Test Kit

Dog Test Kit review - Surprising test results. #DogDNAtestKit #DogDNA #Labrottie
  • 1 – Peel the swab sleeves down too about 2 inches.
  • 2 – Obtain the cheek cells by rolling the bristles between the cheeks for about 15 seconds.
  • 3 – Place swab handles into the holes in the carton box to dry for 5 min. Repeat steps 1-3 for the remaining swabs.
  • 4 – Log onto and activate your test using sample ID
  • 5 – Write the activation code on to the swab packet.
  • 6 – Reinsert dry swabs into the protective sleeve, DO NOT RESEAL.
  • 7 – Place sleeve with swabs into the main carton and ship it off.
  • You must activate the tester before you ship off the box.

How Long Does the Dog DNA Testing Take?

The Wisdom Panel company takes two weeks to test and get the proper results to you. So in the second week, Zeus test results arrived by email. That night the whole family gathered around the computer and read the results.

The Results are in… (Drum roll please!)

But before you look at the results, what is your best guess on Zeus’s lineage?

Dog DNA Test Kit - Surprising test results. #DogDNAtestKit #DogDNA #Labrottie
Dog DNA Test Kit - Surprising test results. #DogDNAtestKit #DogDNA #Labrottie

Shocking Results

We’d love to hear your guesses as to Zeus’s heritage.

What we found out was quite shocking. In fact, my family and I were in denial and disbelief for hours. Not that this changes any thing about my dog! We still loved him just as much as when I first decided to keep him!

According to the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit, Zeus’s lineage is:

  • 25% Chow Chow
  • 12% Boxer
  • 12% Cocker Spaniel
  • 12/5% Collie
  • 12.5% Mini Poodle
  • 12.5% White Swiss Shepherd
  • and… 12.5% unknown

The Wisdom Panel test results include an excellent visual chart that breaks down the breeds by percentage.

Dog DNA Test Kit - Surprising test results. #DogDNAtestKit #DogDNA #Labrottie

We were scratching our heads in puzzlement over these results. I mean we just don’t see Zeus’s resemblance to most of these.

He looks nothing like a Chow Chow, Boxer, Collie, Cocker Spaniel, or Mini Poodle (!!!) On top of that, he doesn’t have any Lab or Rottweiler!

We do see that some resemblance to the Shepherd in Zeus.

  • Zeus has two extra whiskers near his eyes.
  • He has two striped bars of golden fur above his angel wings.
  • Zeus also has a very long body.

That night I thought over the results and decided to ask Wisdom Panel if they somehow got the test results mixed up. It did not take them very long to reply with a very good and thorough response.

Excerpt from the Wisdom Panel Response

With each tested dog’s DNA, approximately 18 million comparisons are made. The algorithm scans the 1,800+ genetic markers collected for matches to breed signatures, providing a certainty score for each breed match. The computer then selects the single best combination of breeds and relative amounts of breeds detected that best match the tested dog, as well as the dogs in our extensive database of more than 15,000 purebreds.”

Zeus’s unique genetic signature was compared to our database of 350+ different breeds, breed subtypes, the three ancestral groups, as well as wolf and coyote. Our breed database was developed using genetic markers from American Kennel Club (AKC) breeds and some breeds from the Kennel Club in the UK. Additionally, our test’s algorithm is able to detect the presence of pure breeds in a dog’s ancestry up to the third generation back, or to the great-grandparent level.

Conclusion on Our First Dog DNA Test Kit

Dog DNA Test Kit - Surprising test results. #DogDNAtestKit #DogDNA #Labrottie

In spite of the shocking results, we were impressed with everything that came with the the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test kit. If you have an unknown mixed breed, discovering their heritage can be fun, surprising, interesting and worth it!

Where to Buy the Wisdom Panel Test Kit

The Wisdom Panel DNA testing kits can range from $80-180 dollars and are available from Amazon, or of course directly from the Wisdom Panel website. You can also get them from Chewy’s, WalMart, and Petco, though they’re all basically the same price at each location.

Meanwhile, we’re also curious about other dog DNA test kits and hope to soon review another one, such as this one by a top rated company, Embark. It would be very interesting to do a side-by-side comparison of the results.

And we will, of course, share that here if we do so you’ll know what to expect, what to love, and what to be wary of.

Meanwhile, About Zeus… ahem… the NOT-Labrottie

Zeus, the Honorary Labrottie

Once we got over our dismay and shock, we had to laugh. I mean, after all, I created this Labrottie website after rescuing the lost and scared puppy, “Zeus, the labrottie”, LOL. So friends and fans… sorry… forgive us, we didn’t intend to be posing here.

But don’t worry, we still love the breed, AND… Zeus is determined to be an honorary labrottie no matter what! So we’re sticking around and will continue to publish good labrottie info here on our website!

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit – How-to Video

If you have any questions let us know. Also, if you’ve done a dog DNA test, we’d love to hear your experience and results. We can publish them here too if you’d like.

For those of you who have or are going to get a new puppy! We have several dog name article just for you!

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