Labrottie Temperament and Characteristics

The article here is about the Labrottie temperament and characteristics. We will first show you both of the parent’s temperament and characteristics. For example, which parent gave them the best ability to be a great watch/guard dog? You guessed it! The Rottweiler.

Then we shall dive into Labrottie’s temperament and characteristics. So now let us dive into this article and explore each of the Labrotties parents who made it what it is today!.

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The Rottweiler Temperament

The Rottweiler is aware, loyal, obedient, protective, loving, aloof, clownish, and playful. They love the family and are calm, and even, they are always on the lookout for people and things who don’t belong in their house.

They need to be socialized at an early age and trained, this is not a matter of “Oh, I’ll train and socialize him/her later.” If that does happen, then you are setting the stage up for a tragic end.

When you take on this breed, you need to tell him/her who is the alpha. That starts right when you get home; they learn extremely quickly, and they are always ready to play and learn.

The Rottweiler needs a strong pack leader, they will test you to see if you are fit to be an alpha leader each and every day. The moment they sense weakness they go in for the kill (Not literally lol!) there are ways to curb their constant testing.

When training, if the Rottweiler decides that they do not want to follow your commands, don’t give up! Keep telling them the order until they finally do it. What they are doing is testing your resolve and spirit, so again don’t give up! Otherwise, your Rottweiler will continue to try and roll back the rules.

Rottweiler FAQs

  • Are Rottweilers good with kids?
    Rottweilers are great with your kids, though supervision is advised when neighborhood kids come to play. (Because sometimes he/she may think that one of “Their pups” is being attacked because they hear the playful squealing).
  • Is a Rottweiler a good family dog?
    Rottweilers are great family dogs, Loyal, playful, and protective for experienced pet owners.
  • Are Rottweilers mean?
    It depends on how they were raised and treated.
  • How long do Rottweilers live?
    8 to 10 years, due to their health issues they usually don’t live longer.
  • How much do Rottweilers shed?
    If you read that they don’t shed very often, you’ve heard wrong, when they shed they usually need one to two brushing a day.
  • Are Rottweilers house dogs or apartment dogs?
    Rottweilers need a fenced in yard and so are best in a house and not an apartment.
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The Labrador Temperament

Labradors are gentle, ready to play, eager to please, loving, loyal, trusting. Labradors are great for first-time pet owners, they are easy to train. They have a soft and easy-going temperament, which makes them great for first-time pet owners.

Unlike the Rottweiler which needs an experienced alpha male/female human pack leader, the Labrador is again great for first-timers because they do not have that constant drive to be the alpha.

Labradors are playful with strangers, outgoing and very kind, like the Rotties and Labrotties they need exercise and not just a short walk, but rather a long run, swimming, and or fetching.

They also need socialization with other pets even though they are not known to get aggressive it is better to be safe than sorry. You also need to control their chewing, and mouthiness, they feel with their mouths and therefor anything around them unless trained not to chew on, is fair game for them.

Labrador FAQs

  • Are Labradors good with kids?
    They are great with all ages of kids
  • Is a Labrador a good family dog?
    They are an excellent dog for first-time pet owners, or with people with a new baby, or older folks.
  • Are Labrador mean?
    Hardly! Labradors don’t have a mean bone in their body! Labradors love people and therefore are great in urban settings.
  • How long do Labradors live?
    10 to 14 years
  • How much do Labradors shed?
    It depends on what bred you get, and what season, they will often shed little amounts throughout the year. But there are two “shedding seasons” the first is in the spring when they lose their winter coat. The second is when they shed their summer coat for their winter one. The times usually are from spring and then Autumn. You will be vacuuming a lot! During those times.
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Black Labrador photo

The Labrottie Temperament and Characteristics

The Labrottie are Loyal, protective, high energy, strong, a strong stubborn streak, and easy to train. Labrotties are like Rottweilers, I would not recommend a newcomer to this breed. Until they have had a few dog breeds under their belt.

Labrotties are high energy, and stubborn! They need something to do throughout the day, if they don’t have a yard, or are not being trained every day on something new. Then the Labrottie will resort to tearing up the house, yard, and anything they can get their mouth around.

Labrotties are great with your kids though they need supervision with the neighborhood kids is because they may take the joyful squealing. Of your kids as cries of pain and they may act on their instinct to protect “their baby”.

They need socialization and training at an early age. If you don’t, you’ll be wishing you had in the upcoming years.

The Labrottie are Loyal, protective, high energy, strong, a strong stubborn |
Zeus My Labrottie

Labrottie FAQs

  • Are labrotties good with kids?
    They are great with your kids, though supervision is advised when unfamiliar kids come to play. (Because sometimes he/she may think that one of “Their pups” is being attacked because they hear the playful squealing).
  • Are labrotties a good family dog?
    A great dog for an experienced pet owner, who has shown he/she is the alpha.
  • Are labrotties mean?
    It depends on how they were raised and treated.
  • How long do labrotties live?
    8-to 10 years due to health problems they don’t have an extensive lifespan.
  • How much do labrotties shed?
    They constantly shed throughout the year just a few hairs here and there. But, when spring or autumn comes around. You will have to brush them two or three times a day. Also, you’ll most likely have to vacuum the house each day.
  • Are Labrotties house dogs or apartment dogs?
    Like Rottweilers, Labrotties need a house with a yard that they can romp around in.
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Labrottie photo shows clear black lab dominance. Image by Tiffany F.


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