The Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

The Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix, otherwise known as the Aussie Rottie mix, is a powerful dog breed. They need an experienced owner, who knows how to handle them properly. The Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is a mighty dog breed not just in the mind but also in the body!

The Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Traits:

  • Herding
  • Protective
  • Loyalty
  • Playful
  • Eager to please

In this article, we will dive into both the Rottweiler and the Australian Shepherd’s history so that you will have a complete understanding of the parents. Then we will get into the nuances of the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix, and there you will learn everything about how to have a successful new four-legged family member.

The Rottweiler

  • Weight   110 – 130 pounds
  • Height – 17 – 22 inches
  • Lifespan – 10 – 12 years
  • Health Issues – cataracts, hip dysplasia, arthritis, bloat, bone cancer, & VWD
  • Grooming – 2x Brush Weekly 4-6x weekly during shedding season
  • Colors – Black and tan
  • Eye Color – Brown
  • Exercise – An hour of running, playing, walking, or fetching daily
  • Training –  Use positive reinforcement in training
  • Socialization – Take he/she everywhere you go
  • Temperament – Kind, Gentle, Watchful, Funny, Playful with family, very protective
  • Good in an apartment? – No, the Rottweiler needs a house, and a yard to play around in

Did you know that Rottweilers are one of the oldest herding breeds in the world? In 70 AD, the ancient Romans took the Rottweiler from the Germans to use them as cattle herders and war dogs.

Rottweilers love the family and are calm and even. They are always on the lookout for people who do not belong in or around the house. They need to be socialized and trained at an early age. This is not a matter of “Oh, I’ll train and socialize him/her later.” situation.

When training the Rottweiler, always make sure that he/she knows that you are the alpha of the pack and not her/him. Be firm yet gentle in your training, and Rottweilers do not react kindly to harsh treatment. If push comes to shove, the Rottweiler will not be afraid to stand up for him/herself.

When training the Rottweiler, always make sure that he/she knows that - Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

The Australian Shepherd

  • Weight – 55 – 65 pounds
  • Height – 18 – 23 inches
  • Lifespan – 12 – 15 years
  • Major health concerns Hip/elbow dysplasia,
  • Temperament – Aloof, confident, loving, loyal, playful, protective, and caring
  • Exercise – 30-45 minutes daily
  • Good in an apartment? – No! They need a large property to work on!

A lean tough ranch dog bred to help herd anything that moves, they are cowboys best friend! Their names imply that they come from Australia but that is the exact opposite of where they come from! They actually come from the western United States, at around the time of the gold rush 1840s. The Aussie is happiest when they have a job in front of them, so if you do decide to get an Aussie make sure to give them a job!

They are intelligent and hard-working dog breed that uses its bark, nipping, and eye contact to drive the herd one way or another. By the way, the herd may be anything including the family if they have not been shown who is the pack leader, they may still try and herd young children about as well.

They are intelligent and hard-working dog breed that uses its bark, - Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

The Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

  • Weight – 50 – 120 pounds
  • Height – 20 – 25 inches
  • Lifespan – 10 – 15 years (But most only live to around 13)
  • Major Health Concerns – Hip dysplasia, PRA, Bloat, Bone Cancer, Cataracts, VWD, and arthritis
  • Grooming – Brush four to five times a day throughout the spring and fall
  • Colors – Black, grey, brown, red, cream, white, and sable.
  • Eye Color – Most often blue
  • Exercise – They need long walks and runs.
  • Training – The Rottweiler Husky mix is notoriously stubborn, a trait inherited from both parents.
  • Socialization – Positive exposure to other people and dogs daily for best socialization.
  • Temperament – Loving, caring, watchful, loves to hunt small game, & eager to play

Now! We have gotten to the subject that you are so interested in! The Aussie Rottie is a high powered working-dog best suited for farms or large properties. Both parents are extremely active! Which will, of course, make the offspring (the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix) just as active, drawing on endless amounts of energy.

So, if you do live in an apartment or a couch potato, skip this big boy/girl and go for a smaller and or less energizer dog. In this article, we will dive into the Aussie Rottie mix, giving you the best information to make the right decision on whether or not to get this breed.

They are a family dog and do not do well with being chained up or put into a small fence! They must be with the family! No, if, and, or buts! They are a family dog, and if you do plan on keeping them on by themselves, then you’re asking to get into trouble!

For the Aussie Rottie mix is not a kind dog when they get aggressive and or territorial! They will become even more aggressive and territorial if they are chained up or kept in a fence with not family contact daily! So if you do decide to get this breed they must be with the family otherwise they will become a total nightmare to you and the neighbors!

An experienced dog owner should own the Rottweiler Australian Shepherd, preferably one who has once owned alpha-driven dog breeds since this breed does have a strong urge to become the alpha if you show any weakness.

This article will go through the three most important things to give your dog throughout his/her lifespan. They are training, socialization, and exercise. And then, we will go into the health of the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix before getting to the conclusion of this article!

And then, we will go into the health of the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix | The Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix -

Training for the Aussie Rottie

Training must start the moment you get your cute puppy! The sooner you get the little puppy to realize that you are the pack leader and not the puppy. The better life you will have! The Rottie is an alpha dog breed that will become pack leader over the family and you!

Constant training is the key to keeping the Rottie Aussie mix happy and content in their place throughout their lifespan.

As a puppy, train daily 15 to 20 minutes daily, with a few play breaks in-between the seasons. In training, always have the puppy complete the order no matter how many times they become stubborn. They will test you and your resolve in training throughout their life.

As the puppy becomes an adult, make the training longer than the play until you can go through a thirty-minute training exercise without interruption. One key to making the dog comply with your commands is to keep switching up the training habits.

Make them fun and entertaining, Rottweilers and Aussies are extremely smart dog breeds, and they need constant stimulation throughout their life.

15 to 20 minutes daily, with a few play breaks in-between the seasons. In | The Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix -

Socialization of the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix

In the very beginning, take your puppy out where ever you go! Allow them to get smells, sites, people, animals into their brains the more they see. The better they react to strange and uncertain circumstances, the less you socialize your pup, the more aggressive or territorial the pup may become! So socialization is an important fundamental step to have a fantastic and upstanding citizen of the dog world.

The one place you should never go when your dog is still a puppy is to the dog park! Your puppy is still very young, and things can get way out of control and may scar your puppy for the life of other dogs. Also, your puppy is no vaccinated, and so your pup could pick up and carry a disease everywhere he/she goes (like your bed😨) And or your puppy could contract that disease and may die.

Exercise Needs for The Aussie Rottie

The exercise of this breed is essential! If you’re a couch potato, please get another dog breed that loves to laze about! 🤔

Suppose you don’t give them the proper exercise that they require, which is a lot! Then the Rottweiler Australian Shepherd will become frustrated and will act out:

  • digging holes
  • herding you or anything else that moves
  • aggressive/territorial
  • escaping for long journeys by him/herself or traveling with other packs.

If you are an active person who is often outdoors, then Rottie Aussie is probably a good choice! Many Rottweiler Australian Shepherd mix dogs love to herd you and or other animals about, and they also have a strong urge to go game hunting!

So if you have a cat, make sure to teach them that hunting the cat or any other small game is not okay! If you don’t teach them that in the beginning, then they’ll make your cat’s life miserably, or worse, and don’t want to think about that!

As the puppy becomes an adult, make the training longer than the play until you can go through a thirty - Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

The Temperament of the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix

I have already gone through just a little bit of this breed, but there are several things I do wish to go over. Make sure that you are getting the right dog breed for you and or the family! If you plan on getting a dog but ultimately plan on keeping it in the back of the house with little access to the family, then again skip this dog and get a goldfish!

Dogs, especially this breed, want to be with the family, not alone somewhere on your property! But with the family doing whatever they do! If you do get this breed and leave them all alone, they will become frustrated and maybe aggressive.

Grooming of the Rottie Aussie

The grooming of the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix will be a constant battle between you and the millions of hair that will fall out throughout the year. You will brush your pupper so many times you will begin to think that you’re going to brush your dog to boldness! Believe me! I have thought that the amount times I brush my own dog, he should technically be bald by now. I know that I would if I had someone constantly brushing me that many times!

During the spring and fall, your dog will be a literal walking cloud of raining fur! With each pat on the back, your dog’s hair will avalanche down upon the floor. So you will need the vacuum at the ready during the spring and fall; during the summer and winter, the raining of fur will slow down to a steady drop of only a few hundred during the day and night 😉😜.

Health of the Rottweiler Australian Shepherd Mix

Both parents have health issues and in some cases quiet sever ones, so it would stand to reason that the offspring gets at least several of those health problems.

  • Hip Dysplasia – A lot of purebred dogs get hip and or elbow dysplasia due to overbreeding
  • Epilepsy – The Aussie Rottie can sometimes suffer from epilepsy which results in occasional seizures.
  • Arthritis – Some Rotties can get arthritis at an early age
  • Deafness – Deafness can play a small factor in the Aussie line and may sometimes make an appearance with the Aussie Rottie.
  • Bone cancer – Sadly the Rottie has one of the highest rates of bone cancer.
  • OCD –
  • Drug Sensitivity –
  • Cataracts – A natural thing that happens with age
Both parents have health issues and in some cases quiet sever ones - Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

Conclusion of the Rottweiler Australian Shepherd Mix

The Aussie Rottie is a substantial dog breed that needs a firm but loving leadership who knows what they are doing throughout the dog’s lifespan. They need immediate training and socialization as soon as you get the puppy! After all, no one wants a 120-pound Rottweiler Australian Shepherd mix out of control running the streets!

So this is a breed for experienced owners who have had large and powerful dog breeds before. If you are rather slightly inexperienced with a large dog breed. I would ask that you get a medium-sized dog so that you can build your confidence with them first. The worst possible thing that could happen is having an experienced dog owner with a giant do that could really lay on the hurt on someone you know or a complete stranger.


We here at Labrottie give the Rottie Aussie a five-star rating! Everything is in excellent order! So I hope I have convinced you to get this beautiful Rottweiler Aussie Mix! If, however, you think that this dog is just too much for you! Don’t fear, for there is the close cousin, the Aussiedor! Who is much gentler and less of a hulk!

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