Mixed Dog Breeds photo gallery

This is a gallery filled with mixed dog breeds! A lot of them are Labrotties but some of them are of other mixed dog breeds.

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Dudley the 9-year-old Labradoodle: Images by Trish Johnson

Hades a 2-year-old Labrottie: Images by Georgia Gates

Contributed by Georgia Gates.

This is Hades. He is a two-year-old black lab/Rottweiler mix. He currently is around 72 lbs but has a lot of filling out to do.

We adopted him from the shelter as his family could no longer keep him. Hades loves playing fetch, going for walks, swimming and taking naps.

He loves children, treats, and the cat well. He is very trainable but at times is very stubborn, especially when he sees a bunny.

Greetings from Hawaii! From: Lenny the labrottie Images by Tina D!

Lenny the Labrottie by Images by Jessica Mintz

Bailey the Labrottie Images by Kathy Tablizo

Robin the Labrottie images by Toyo_Tiger

Reagon the Labrottie images by Leslie Frazier

Mr. Milo the Labrottie images by Alta Lee

Labrotties from a FB group!

Zeus my Labrottie… (Or is he a Labrottie? Find out more!)

Roxy the Rottweiler mix images by Tammy from Petco!

Miss Luna Bear a Rottweiler Pitbull mix! Images from Elaina Fiene

Rottweiler puppy

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Happy Tails!

The Labrottie team!
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