Mixed Dog Breeds photo gallery

This is a gallery filled with mixed dog breeds! A lot of them are Labrotties but some of them are of other mixed dog breeds. If you would like your dog to join the mixed dog breeds photo gallery. Send us your photo’s and back story of your mixed dog breed. If you have already sent your mixed dog breeds you can find him alphabetically.

German Shepherd Labrador named Autumn: By Cotezz Childers

Autumns story By Cotezz Childers

I have a Shepador and she’s roughly around the 2 months age group but she doesn’t really play much, she barely eats, she won’t walk on a leash or respond to her name much, not big on toys or treats I’m not really sure how to make her feel comfortable with me before I go back to work

Bailey the Labrottie Images by Kathy Tablizo

Bailey’s story by Kathy Tablizo

Contributed by Kathy Tablizo

Our new labrottie baby is named “Bailey”. She is almost 3 months old and ~10lbs.

[When we read Bailey’s name we asked Kathy if she’d seen the movie A Dog’s Purpose. Here’s her reply].
“We DID see the movie (A Dog’s Purpose) and that’s why my son named her Bailey!”

“We were doing work on the house and our painter told us how his young lab female hadn’t been fixed yet. He lives on a ranch. His neighbor’s rottie sensed that and made a visit! The result was Bailey and her siblings.

It wasn’t a planned event, so the painter was explaining to me how he was going to take them all to the shelter.
We asked if we could see the puppies before he took them……NEVER do that!

~Kathy Tablizo

Well… we’re so GLAD that Kathy and family did go visit those puppies!! Life would not be the same without their Bailey!

Bailey the Yellow Labrador/Rottie mix: by Donna Crncich

Mixed dog breeds
Bailey the yellow Lab/Rottie mix

Bailey’s story! by: Donna Crncich

Here’s our yellow lab/rottie mix,
Bailey 🐾. We met the Mom, Ellie who is the rottie. Bailey is almost 3 yrs old and a big goofy teddy bear. She makes us laugh every day!

Daphne the 12-year-old! Labrottie: Images by Ivy!

The story of Daphne by Ivy!

This is Daphne! And she is a survivor of nasal lymphoma, she is a labrottie and she is an AMAZING 12 year old!

Adopted 10/2009 Daphne was adopted by her mom Ivy in 10/2009! After four years of having her baby Daphne. Daphne was diagnosed with stage 5 nasal lymphoma 3/2013 completed chemo treatments and in remission 9/2013. She was not only in remission but cancer-free in 2016! (YAY! PARTY HATS ON!)

Ivy says that Daphne is “My best friend, she keeps me laughing and goofy right along with her.
I love Daphne aka Daffy with all my heart. Don’t know what life would have been without her

Ivy and her baby live in Houston, Texas. Daff (Daff is Daphne’s nickname) is an inside dog who deserves to be spoiled and appreciated, respected each day of her life.

9-year-old Labradoodle named Dudly: Images by Trish Johnson

Dudley’s story by Trish Johnson

Thanks to Patricia Johnson for sending us her beautiful Dudley Labradoodle photos!

“You have characterized the breed very well! We also owned a Labrador Retriever for 14 years, a gem of a dog. This is Dudley, our nine-year-old Labradoodle.”
~Patricia Johnson

Goliath the Rottweiler by James Shiflett

Goliaths story by James Shiflett

This is Goliath! he’ll be 7 years old in May of this year. James Shiflett had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is his best friend, guardian angel, and just everything to him!

Hades Two Years old: Images by Georgia Gates

The story of Hades by Georgia Gates

This is Hades. He is a two-year-old black lab/Rottweiler mix. He currently is around 72 lbs but has a lot of filling out to do.

We adopted him from the shelter as his family could no longer keep him. Hades loves playing fetch, going for walks, swimming and taking naps.

He loves children, treats, and the cat well. He is very trainable but at times is very stubborn, especially when he sees a bunny.

Honey the Pitbull Labrador Mix! Images by Jennifer!

Honey 🐶 🐾💗
My name is Honey! I’m a Pitbull lab mix that was rescued by the coolest loving family. I’m so sweet and love meeting new furry friends! Much love 🐶❤️🐾

This is Honey, and she is a Pitbull lab mix. She is the most loving, loyal dog to me. She pouts, just like a Labrador, and craves attention. I hope you find her unique and love to post her on your site. She has an Instagram @Honey_bunny_20019, many people like her photos and has built a decent number of followers.

Greetings from Hawaii! From: Lenny the labrottie Images by Tina D!

Lenny’s story by Tina D.

Lenny is an 8-year-old chocolate Lab/Rottweiler mix who has been the most wonderful companion for his new “mom”.  He is an excellent bike partner, Beachcomber, and ocean dipping, partner.

Lenny came from a group of volunteer followers from the rescue (where he lived for 5 years!!), so I have no trouble finding him sitters when I work and go to the mainland.

To read Lenny’s full story of his life, just hit the link!

The Labrottie Lenny by Images by Jessica Mintz

Lenny’s story

Images by Jessica Mintz

This is Lenny. Our best guess is he is a Lab/rottie or maybe Dobie mix. We may do a DNA test but what do you think?

Labrotties from a FB group!

Miss Luna Bear a Rottweiler Pitbull mix! Images from Elaina Fiene

About Miss Luna Bear

This is Luna Bear, she is a Pitbull Rottweiler mix, she loves to be outside and wags her tail in excitement at everyone she meets!

Right now she is sitting in the sun watching the squirrels. Her favorite thing to do is play with her big (human) sister Sofie!

Luna Bear just graduated from basic puppy training! Now Elaina is now working on training Luna Bear not to nip humans playfully when she gets excited!

We have a really cool update from Miss Luna Bear, her parents were looking for a trainer to help with Miss Luna Bears nipping while playing.

She is doing great in her new training class! It’s mostly older dogs so she is the youngest pup! We are currently working on door manners and heeling. I am so proud of her and we love her so much! 

Update on miss Luna Bear by Elaina Fiene 3/8/20

Miss Luna Bear is now 9 months old so I thought I would share another picture! 
We went hiking, to the dog park and then the pet store today! I got a new car so we turned the old one into a Lunamobile! She can get as muddy as she wants now! 

I was able to weigh her once we got home and she was exhausted. She is 55 lbs! The vet originally said she wouldn’t get over 50. We are so in love with her sweet spunky personality. 

Note from editor

We always love seeing these updates! So please keep them coming!

Mr. Milo the Labrottie images by Alta Lee

About Mr. Milo

Mr. Milo is about 5 months old. He enjoys cuddles, his sisters, bath time, and being outside watching the birds. When I first got Milo poor little guy had parvo. He spent a total of two weeks in the vet. And now he’s stronger than ever. Always greets me when I get home from work at the front door 

Odin Kingston

Odin’s Story

Contributed by Chris Kingston and LaRee Loren

This is Odin Kingston! A black lab/rottweiler mix! I am a year and a half and I weigh almost 100 pounds!!! He loves to go on adventures and destroy whatever he can! Odin loves kids and people BUT he LOVE’S TO RUN! I enjoy the water and I love meeting other animals!!

I am an emotional support animal for my Dad and I also help my Mom sometimes! He is a lap dog and he doesn’t care what they say.

The Labrottie Robin images by Toyo_Tiger

About Robin the Labrottie

Toyo Tiger: sent photos of his Labrottie, named Robin. Here’s a bit of her story:

My friend had a black lab and every day this big Rottweiler would come over there and bark at their house. So one day their lab ran away and they couldn’t find her for a week. But eventually, she came back and they found out she was pregnant.

We got her for free. Her mother a Black Labrador, her father is the Rottweiler who is also black. When the vet took a look at her they said she had some chocolate lab in her.

Reagon the Labrottie images by Leslie Frazier

About Reagon by Leslie Frazier

This is Reagan. She is 3-4 months old in these photos. Mom is a Rottweiler and dad is Chocolate Lab. She is an absolute joy. Very very smart but quite a handful! She is FULL of energy and curiosity. She is actually more of a “watchdog” than our pitbull! What an awesome mix. She is also the most cuddly dog I’ve ever had – she is always snuggling up to us to sleep!  I would get another in a heartbeat!.

What a sweetheart! Easy to fall in love with Reagan, a beautiful rottie chocolate lab mix!

Mutual Therapy Dogs for Each Other

Reagan’s grey and white buddy is named Jameson. His owner, Leslie, said that the grey and white Pitbull was rescued from an abusive home and have severe anxiety issues.

Reagan has really helped him come out of his shell and feel a lot more secure. Jameson isn’t nearly as terrified to be left at home now since he’s not alone! Both dogs have been very therapeutic for one another.

Reagan hadn’t had much socialization when we got her – with people or other animals. She has come leaps and bounds following Jamo’s lead! Jamo loves people, just can’t handle being left alone or any type of loud voices/noises. They have both come a very long way since being rescued ❤️
~Leslie Frazier, 

Aw… WHAT a sweetheart, Reagan is… safe and secure with his mom!

Several unnamed Mixed dog breeds

Roxy the Rottweiler mix images by Tammy from Petco!

Roxy the Rottweiler Mix by Tammy!

Tammy says that “Even though she had a terrible background history, you would never know it. She’s been the sweetest, most wonderful dog ever! She likes to sleep, eat and give lots of kisses.”

Tammy said, “I was walking out of PetSmart and she caught my eye. The adoption organization had her in this small crate and I swear she picked me. I was not even looking for a dog!

Thor from Portugal!

Ola sou Acsa
Este é meu Menino

Nome: Thor Bortolato
Peso: 40 kg
Breed: labrador preto\ rottweiler

Hello I'm Acsa
This is my boy

Name: Thor Bortolato
Weight: 40 kg
Breed: black labrador \ rottweiler

My Labrottie Zeus… (Or is he a Labrottie? Find out more!)

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