Dog Training for Labrotties

If the breeder that you buy from is a great one, they will have already started the dog training for their Labrotties. Once the puppy is in your hands though it will be your responsibility to train him/her.

You do not want to wait until your puppy is four to five months old to start their training. If you wait, until they are older to train them, you will have an out of control Labrottie.

Even at the tender age of two to three months, they’re smart enough to learn the basics, unlike some other dogs. They will also learn the commands extremely fast.

If your training is filled with equal parts of play and training throughout his/her life, your Labrottie will never get bored. Instead, they will think that training is like playtime as well!

Puppies get just as much excitement from being trained to sit, lay down, stay, come, while the adult Labrottie would love to learn to do other skills.

Running around playing fetch is a great way for exercise, but they also need mental stimulation. Otherwise, you will have a house that is torn apart and a yard filled with potholes.

The bottom line for this breed is to train them early and train them often throughout their life!

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Labrotties are like mischievous kids: they need exercise, games, and something interesting to do.

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  • The training session needs to be frequent,
    • The minimum training sessions should be once a day for 15-20 minutes.
  • Make the training sessions fun, fast-paced and energetic (but not frenetic)
  • Alternate rewarding them with play and treats
  • Correct mouthy, nibbling behavior right away
  • Redirect their obsession with gnawing on your arm to an appropriate chew toy

Being mouthy teaches them that it is alright to bite while playing, so you definitely want to keep this in check. Oh… and they like to bite butts too! Our labrottie thinks it’s funny to nose you from the rear and grab a cheek.

While that can be funny at home, it’s not amusing to your guests and any of the bitings can be scary to kids and cause seniors with a thin skin to bleed. So, it’s best all-around to nip all undesirable behaviors in the bud.

Nip all undesirable behaviors in the bud.

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Training your puppy to walk properly is also very important, you don’t want him to be pulling.

Train him to walk beside you first, then after you get a good walking pace going with him by your side, then you can selectively allow him to explore on command and then heel on command.

If you’re training your labrottie in the city, a good way to keep her close is to place the leash in your belt loop as you walk around the house.  This trains them to walk right by your side and go where you go.

Many people are afraid of Rottweilers and with good reason. Rottweilers have now surpassed pit bulls in human deaths in America causing a full 15% of dog-related deaths. The issue isn’t the breed. The issue is poor training, and lack of socialization with a strong, large and powerful breed.

The Hierarchy of the Family

Dogs need to know that they are at the bottom of the rung. The labrottie needs to know that he is not the alpha or second in command, he is in the last place, he is the grunt and he needs to know that. Labrotties are half-Rottweiler, and Rottweilers are notorious for trying to take over as alpha.

So to counteract this action you must train your Labrottie to follow your commands, do not back down from your command until he does it. Then reward him with praises, treats, or playing.

Dog Training For Labrotties Tricks and Tips:

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Everyone knows the four basic training commands, sit, stay, lay down, and come. Here are a few more training exercises, heel, which trains them to come to your heels.

With me, leave it, drop it, wait, off, and finally, leash walking. Leash walking is very important you don’t wanna be flying down the street holding on for dear life because your dog saw a Squirrel!

A little side note here: Beleive me when I say being dragged by a dog is not fun! When I was around 8-9. My dad, sister, and I were at a park and I decided I could run fast enough to keep up with our dog (Onyx a Doberman mix.)

Shortly before my failure, my dad told me to never let go of the leash because we were near a busy road. So I waited for them to walk halfway around the track.

Then I said something to the effect of “Getty up!”. For the first two seconds, we were flying down the track. Then something happened and I was flat on my stomach head banging up and down.

True to my word, I never let go for the whole five seconds it took for Onyx. To go halfway around the track to reach my sister and dad though truth to tell it felt like a thousand years! I had both lips split, the noise was bleeding, a swollen knee, and an impressive black eye.

Anyways going back on track, I wish for no one to experience being dragged behind a fast-moving dog. This is why training any dog especially big dogs to walk at your heels is very important.

The leave it Command

Dog training for labrotties #Obedience #Potty #Jumping #Safety #Aggression#NewPuppy #Barking #Tricks #Biting #Walks #Socializing #Come #Chewing #CesarMillan #Teaching #Leash #Stay #LayDown #Rescue #Whining #Reactive #Adult #Digging #Fetch #Kids #Good #Videos #Advanced #Positive #Service

The leave it command is very important, it is a very simple and very effective command. You can use it on the simplest of things like spilled milk. To something dangerous like a rattler and if the dog is well trained, the dog will leave it!

The Off command

This is a perfect command for letting him know not to jump on to people or furniture.

The drop it command

This is for when you are playing with the ball, rope, and when he has your favorite sweater. All of these commands should be taught while he/she is learning the other basic commands.

The with me command

The with me command is just another way of saying come to me. but generally, it is used when you are out at the dog park or out at the coffee shop and your leaving.

Dog Training Leads for walking

Some of the best dog training leads for powerful dog breeds like labrotties. Are those that allow you more control near the head, such as Cesar Milan style slip leash. The other is a muzzle lead. We have a neighbor with a Great Dane, and this works great for her in controlling her giant. However, we prefer the simple slip leash along with a “secret training weapon” that works the absolute best.

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Secret Training Tool

It’s a spray. Dogs don’t like citrus, so we use Meyer’s Lemon Soap Spray. It’s totally harmless and works like a charm.

Conclusion on dog training for Labrotties

My dog Zeus was getting headstrong and tugging at the leash willfully and not responding to corrections. I started walking with the spray and after only two squirts. Within a minute he immediately calmed down and walked by my side with a slack leash.

We use the Cesar Milan “ch” sound correction while using the spray. So that Zeus will associate the “CH” with the spray correction even when we no longer have the spray.

I was thrilled to learn of this gentle but highly effective method. It worked the first minute or two of our walking and has made a world of difference. With my corrections with other things as well.

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This concludes our article on dog training for labrotties. I hope this article has answered your questions about dog training for Labrotties. If you would like to know about the Labrottie Temperament and characteristics, we also have an article on the Labrador Rottweiler Mix.

Happy Tails

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