Rottweiler Lab Mix – a Lovable Malleable Breed

Many people are concerned about the Rottweiler lab mix temperament (we have an article on the Labrottie temperament if you are interested in learning more.)

Most dogs become what they’re taught to be if they’ve been raised with love and affection and have been well socialized they’re typically loving and affectionate. The opposite is also true if they’re raised to be mean and suspicious of people, they will be.

The breed doesn’t dictate disposition; human interaction actually determines this say I chain my dog up and don’t give him anything but hardship. Then the dog will most likely be mean and aggressive to dogs, humans, and or other animals. But if I take care of my dog well, and give him the tools that he needs. Then he will be a fine, upstanding citizen of the labrottie nation.

The Rottweiler Lab mix personalities can be very different from one another. One puppy could be aloof with strangers while another puppy is all-loving and gentle with strangers. It all depends on the birth and the temperament of the mother and father during the mating and several other circumstances.

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Lenny the Labrottie – Photo by Jessica Mintz

Training your Rottweiler Lab Mix

The 3 most important traits to give you dog are:

  1. Exercise: Dogs, like people, need exercise for a balanced state of being. This is especially true for high energy dog breeds.
  2. Training: The time you spend early in training your dog will save much more time and anguish down the road in trying to correct them. Remember the key to effective training–tireless and patient consistency and persistence in insisting upon your dog follow your commands.
  3. Socialization – Expose your pooch to different people and environments every opportunity you get. Whether it is taking the trash can out or taking a package to the post office.


Our dogs help to keep us active even on days when we don’t feel like it, the dogs demand to be walked/run. They need the exercise to maintain a balanced and happy state of mind throughout the day.

A tired dog is far less likely to cause trouble than one that is pent up inside the house, and unspent energy is just spoiling for some trouble. Similarly, a tired dog is more amenable to training; therefore, a great time to train is after a vigorous round of walking or running.

Dogs need adequate exercise for a peaceful, happy and balanced state of mind, as well as for good health.

Rottweiler Lab Mix #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful


All animals, including our selves need proper socialization skills to navigate through life, an ill-socialized dog is spelled for disaster. On the other hand a well socialized dog will not cause strife when ever he meets/plays with a new dog.

Invite friends and neighbors over to your home regularly to get the puppy used to people coming and going from your home. Take him out with you when you go out for coffee, to the post office, or just anywhere you can bring a dog, such as your local pet store.

Socialization teaches your dog that other humans and animals outside of the immediate pack are friendly as well.

Rottweiler Lab Mix #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful


Training the Rottweiler Lab mix to not react to babies, children, and other dogs that come into “his/her yard and home” is essential.

It helps if you have other pets or children, but you’ll still need to expose your Rottweiler Lab mix to other people and dogs. Beyond the family to keep them from becoming aggressive/overexcited whenever they meet a new person or dog.

While the Rottweiler Lab mix is a puppy (they are still puppies until the age of 3), they love jumping upon someone, and so with little ones or older people it can be quite a problem. Training them not to jump should be on your top five list to train on.

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RotHades a Labrottie – photo by Georgia Gates.

Zeus the Rottweiler Lab Mix

We think and we have good evidence that Zeus and his fellow litter mates suffered abuse because he fears:

  • men
  • chains
  • plaid shirts

We had several very nice leashes, that I carelessly left lying about, Zeus discovered them and destroyed them in no time flat. So my dad bought a chain leash, and when it arrived Zeus completely freaked out he ran off and began rolling over when he ran out of space to run away.

Another time one cool winter morning I came downstairs wearing a plaid shirt he growled and started barking ferociously at me. Needless to say, it took him a while to calm down.

During those few instances, his flight or fight side of the brain took over. But, I consistently reinforced good actions, and he steadily grew accustomed to chains, plaid shirts, and men.

Training these magnificently smart dogs is hard work, but it is also a lot of fun to keep it fun for the dog by taking breaks every 15 to 20 minutes. During the training to run, fetch, seek, or play tug-a-war with your Rottweiler Lab Mix.

This video shows just how much the Rottweiler Lab Mix dogs love to play. And, sometimes Zeus outsmarts Nikolai. On a hot day, Zeus has let himself back into the cool air-conditioned house through the dog door, while Nikolai was still outside playing hide and seek and waiting for Zeus to find him.

Final thoughts

This breed is an exquisite dog breed! They are exceptionally smart, loyal, protective, and playful! If you have decided on getting the breed, then you must have done the proper research for this breed! The work does not end their either, but rather it just begins!

You must put in the time effort, care, and love into your training, socialization, and exercise into the labrottie! You cannot halfway train the Labrottie for they can become aggressive and ill-tempered if untrained and left to their own devices.

For those of you who have or are going to get a new puppy! We have several dog name article just for you.

We have Zeus’s DNA results back if you would like to see the accuracy and the results! His breed may not be what you thought. Nor what we thought…

Happy tails!

The Labrottie team

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