Lenny the Labrottie Rescue from Hawaii

My mom’s friend Tina, who lives in Hawaii, recently adopted a labrottie rescue dog. It’s a precious story, so we wanted to share it with you.

The Story of Lenny

By Tina D.

Lenny is an 8-year-old chocolate Lab/Rottweiler mix who has been the most wonderful companion for his new “mom”.  Lenny is an excellent bike partner, beachcomber and ocean dipping, partner.

Lenny came from a group of volunteer followers from the rescue (where he lived for 5 years!!), so I have no trouble finding Lenny sitters when I work and go to the mainland.

Everybody loves my labrottie Lenny, and he loves everybody.
~Lenny’s ‘mom’, Tina

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8 year old Labrottie named Lenny on Oahu, Hawaii – Image by Tina D.

Meeting Lenny

I first met him last September at the Equine rescue where I joined as a volunteer. He was the “watchdog” there. His size alone would deter anyone with just a look.

But come closer, and he may lick you to death, or exhaust you giving him a lengthy tummy rub. Lenny had perfected a well-choreographed tummy rub request.

Lenny’s Tummy Rub Ritual

Lenny will sit at your feet, stare up to you with his brown smiling eyes. Once engaged in petting his back, he would lean onto your legs and slowly descend against your legs. Once in a horizontal position, and he rolls on his back to present “The Tummy.”

Other volunteers got into giving him treats, though I never got beyond the tummy rub routine.  He seemed content with that.

Lenny another labrottie #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful
8 year old Labrottie named Lenny on Oahu, Hawaii – Image by Tina D.

A Happy Dog… Happy Dog Mom

Five years at the rescue and Lenny did have a well-rubbed tummy. But it did become a bit larger than the vet recommended with all those treats!

Leadership changed at the rescue, and a real “watchdog ” was desired, so Lenny was fired, and I had a week off, and I requested a trial run in bringing Lenny home.

Adjustment Issues

Now almost 3 months later, Lenny has remained and filled my life in so many ways.

Though we did go through an adjustment period. Lenny had some problems relating to the destruction of some personal items. It turns out that Lenny has an attraction to pillows and cushions and quilts and towels (shredded). But now, either he is getting better, or I am better at prevention.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Such destruction behaviors are normal tension relief for dogs adjusting to new circumstances, for those that are beyond the normal puppy destruction phase.

Lenny another Labrottie #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful
8 year old Labrottie, Lenny, found a cool spot to hang out – Image by Tina D.

The Gentle Giant

Lenny’s gentleness with children has made him famous at a nearby park.

Lenny allows children to pet him and one little toddler, in particular, Alex, is attracted to his tongue. Lenny doesn’t mind the little hands exploring in his mouth. Of course, this same tongue has licked a good number of unsuspecting babies and other children either on a parent’s lap or sitting in a stroller. I can go on… I foresee him being a great companion to my parents when they move in next year. Lenny is 8, so not a long lifespan ahead, but so worth every minute.

Lenny another Labrottie #puppy #training #dogs #animals #black #white #blacklabs #sweets #pets #faces #rottweilers #baby #doggies #beautiful
8 year old Labrottie named Lenny on Oahu, Hawaii – Image by owner, Tina D.

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Thanks to Tina for sharing the special story of Lenny and his new home with her! We’re so glad for another labrottie rescue, and that Tina took the leap of faith and sacrifice needed to bring Lenny home.

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