17 Dog Breeds That Start With B

Welcome to these 17 dog breeds that start with B! Are you interested in a dog breed but can’t remember the name? Or what it looks like? In this article, we will give you a large list of dog breeds that start with the letter B!

Dog breeds that start with B Barbet Labrottie.com


  • Weight – 35-65 pounds
  • Height – 19-24 inches
  • Breed Category – water dog
  • Lifespan – 12-14 years
  • Exercise Needs – an hour per day

The Barbet is a rustic French water dog! They appear in artwork as early as the 16th century as a medium sized shaggy dog concealing a strong personality and muscular and agile body. They have a tireless love for the water and a greater love for fetching items that fall — or are thrown — into the water.

Dog breeds that start with B Barbet dog breed

Basset Hound 

  • Weight – 40-65 pounds
  • Height – 15 inches
  • Breed Category – hound
  • Lifespan – 10-12 years
  • Exercise Needs – 30 minutes per day

The Basset hound was originally bred in France and Belgium, it is thought that the friars of the Abby of St. Hubert created the Basset hound.

The friars crossed strained several old french dogs to make a low slung rabbit and deer tracker called the Basset hound. The Basset hound had to be able to walk over rough terrain with a human who was holding onto a long leash.

The Basset hound is an excellent family dog! They are neither aggressive or territorial to people, animals, or things. Though I would strongly caution anyone with smaller animals to carefully watch their interactions if newly introduced.

The Basset hound may decide to go for a little hound dogging in the house/yard chasing a smaller animal around.

Dog Breeds That Start With B Basset Hound Labrottie.com
Basset Hound 


  • Weight – 20-30 pounds
  • Height – 13-15 inches
  • Breed Category – hound group
  • Lifespan – 12-15 years
  • Exercise Needs – 15-25 minutes 

Beagles are hunting dogs but they are more than just a hunting dog! They are very happy-go-lucky dog breeds that love being with the family! They are a smaller scent hound that would hunt rabbits and hares, and are also easy to follow on foot instead of on horseback.

BEAGLES - Dog Breeds That Start With B. Labrottie.com
Beagle puppy

Bearded Collie

  • Weight – 45-55 pounds
  • Height – 20-22 inches
  • Breed Category – Herding
  • Lifespan – 12-14 years
  • Exercise Needs – 2 hours

Originally known as the Highland Collie the Bearded Collie has earned its place in the family by herding sheep in hte Scottish highlands. Prized for their rugged appearance and their ability to herd sheep on that rough terrain, over the raw climate and hilly terrain.

You can catch painted pictures of these Bearded Collies with nobles in the english society as fashionable ornaments to the nobles of the english society.

Dog Breeds That Start With B - Bearded Collie image. Labrottie.com
Bearded Collie

Belgian Malinois

  • Weight – 40-80 pounds
  • Height – 22-26 inches
  • Breed Category – Herding
  • Lifespan – 14-16 years
  • Exercise Needs – 2 hours

You may have heard of this special forces dog, bred originally for herding and protection but is one of the western world’s most favorite military working dogs! The all-star dog bred is the Belgian Malinois! they can excel at anything put in front of them as long as they have had some practice. 

Dog breeds that start with B Belgian Malinois Labrottie.com
Belgian Malinois

Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Weight – 70-115 pounds
  • Height – 23-27.5 inches
  • Breed Category – Working
  • Lifespan – 7-10 years
  • Exercise Needs – 30 minutes atleast

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a big, powerful, playful family dog that has a look that may kill, but is really one huge FLUFFY cuddle BEAR! They get along with the family just fine, but if you have a baby or little child, the Bernese Mountain dog claims the baby as his/her own. 

They will form an extraordinary and loving bond with the baby for the rest of his/her lifespan! The Bernese is a huge and strong dog; they can be aloof with strangers but never aggressive towards them.

The Bichon Frise is a small but very sturdy dog-Dogg-Breeds-That-Start-With B-Labrottie.com

Bichon Frise

  • Weight – 12-18 pounds
  • Height – 9-12 inches
  • Breed Category – toy
  • Lifespan – 14-15 years
  • Exercise Needs – 30 minutes

The Bichon Frise is a small but very sturdy dog, these guys and can be the comedian in the family. They have tons of charm, beauty, and a lot of intelligence and they have a frizzy coat. The breeds have very close ties with the European nobles starting somewhere in the 13th century.

The Bichon Frise became very popular with the french noblewomen they became pampered and perfumed lapdogs for them. But after 1789, the days of the Bichon being pampered came to a screeching halt.

Dog breeds that start with B Bernese Mountain Dog Labrottie.com
Bernese Mountain Dog

Black Russian Terrier 

  • Weight – 80-150 pounds 
  • Height – 25-28 inches
  • Breed Category – Working group
  • Lifespan – 10-12 years
  • Exercise Needs – 30-45 years

The Black Russian Terrier or BRT is best suited to a house with him/her being the only one as the household pet. The BRT was created by the famous Red Star kennel Did you know that the Black Russian Terrier head accounts for 40% of the body mass! Yep, you read that right!

The BRT needs an active family in order to fit well, they also need consistent training through out their lifespan. Never give them a treat just because you think they want it, always make them work to earn what ever privilege you are going to give them.

Dog breeds that start with B Black Russian Terrier Labrottie.com
Black Russian Terrier 


  • Weight – 80-100 pounds
  • Height – 23-27 inches
  • Breed Category – Hound group
  • Lifespan – 8-10 years
  • Exercise Needs – a minimum of 2 hours daily!

Little is known about the Bloodhound origin! The Bloodhounds as we know them were perfected in Western Europe about a thousand years ago. Credit for the careful development of the breed goes to high-ranking members.

Dog Breeds That Start With B Bloodhound Labrottie.com

Bluetick Coonhound

  • Weight – 65-80 pounds
  • Height – 21-27 inches
  • Breed Category – Hound dog
  • Lifespan – 11-12 years
  • Exercise Needs – 1 hour atleast

The Bluetick Coonhound is a very speedy/compact night time hunter! Named for the ticked black and blue on their shining coat. They have been bred to hunt scent trails that are hours, days, or even weeks old. AKA, Cold noise. Bred to hunt the ever-present Raccoons, the Coonhound will come up behind the raccoon and shake effectively breaking its spine. 

We had a Golden Retriever named Hanu and a Doberman Lab mix named Onyx, I was about 8 or 9, and I watched as they rush out the door early one morning. They trapped a Raccoon Onyx was still slightly a puppy and had no idea what to do, but Hanu grabbed the Raccoon by the nape of the neck and shook it like a rag doll.

Then it was gone, and Hanu dropped the dead thing right at Onyx’s feet and trotted off like “There! That’s how you deal with a masked bandit boy!” Well, they and my dad spent a very long time at the vet waiting to get rabies shots. 

Dog Breeds That Start With B Bluetick Coonhound Labrottie.com
Bluetick Coonhound

Border Collie

  • Weight – 30-55 pounds
  • Height – 19-22
  • Breed Category – Herding Group
  • Lifespan – 12-15 years
  • Exercise Needs – two hours 

Border Collies are an excellent dog breed! They need a confident alpha person, who needs to be firm yet gentle in training them. Border Collies are also a workaholic, which means that this dog needs a job every single day.

They need a very active family that will go outside in what ever whether to help burn off the dogs excess energy. If they don’t have a job, then they will create a job and will expect you to be proud of what they have chosen to do.

Dog Breeds That Start With B Border Collie Labrottie.com
Border Collie
Dog breeds that start with B Barbet dog breed


  • Weight – 55-120 pounds
  • Height – 27-34 inches
  • Breed Category – Hound Group
  • Lifespan – 7-14 years
  • Exercise Needs – lots!

The Borzoi was a dog used by the Russian nobles to wolf hunt in packs of at least a hundred. They were released as a pack that would go and hunt for wolves, holding them at bay until a noble could shoot the wolf. 

When the Russian highlife was suddenly taken away with the revolution, many of the nobles and their Borzoi alike were killed. The only reason we still have them today is that a few were shipped out to America and the U.K. prior to the revolution, thus preserving the breed.

Nowadays the Borzoi is a beautiful dog with an even more aristocratic appearance but more fragile. They’re like a souped-up sports car made out of glass, capable of reaching high speeds of 35-40 mph, but are easily to injured.

Dog breeds that start with B Borzoi Labrottie.com

Boston Terrier

  • Weight – 12-20 pounds
  • Height – 15-17 inches
  • Breed Category – Non-sporting group
  • Lifespan – 11-13 years
  • Exercise Needs – 20-30 minutes

A very compact short-tailed weighing no more than 24 pounds, originally bred to hunt rats in factories they were downgraded to human companionship. They are sturdy, people-oriented, happy go hunt dogs!

Dog breeds that start with B Boston Terrier Labrottie.com
Boston Terrier


  • Weight – 55-75 pounds
  • Height – 21-25 inches
  • Breed Category – Working Group
  • Lifespan – 10-12 years
  • Exercise Needs – 30-40 minutes

Boxers are bright, playful, energetic, powerful, watchful, and are ready to guard you and the house. The Boxer needs an active family, ways to build up their muscles, and a never ending stream to keep their very sharp minds intact. Always give them something to learn off of, it maybe toys, mazes, jobs, or simply doing training tricks.

For information on a boxer Labrador mix, check out our boxador article.

Dog breeds that start with B Boxer Labrottie.com

Bull Terrier

  • Weight – 50-70 pounds
  • Height – 21-22 inches
  • Breed Category – Terrier Group
  • Lifespan – 11-13 years
  • Exercise Needs – 30 minutes

Bull terrier is the funniest and biggest trouble maker of the dog kingdom, game for laying about and also getting into trouble as soon as your back is turned. Famous Bull Terriers are General George Patterson Willie and Bullseye the Target mascot!

Dog Breeds That Start With B Bull Terrier Labrottie.com
Bull Terrier


  • Weight – 40-50 pounds
  • Height – 14-15 inches
  • Breed Category – non-sporting group
  • Lifespan – 8-10 years
  • Exercise Needs – 15-25 minutes

When bullbaiting and all other bloodletting sports were banned in 1835, the Bulldog quickly became obsolete due to its slow build-up of speed. Instead, the early day terriers were bred into existence, and bulldogs faced extinction. But the admirers began the long process of repopulating and transforming them from brawlers to a family companion dog.

Dog Breeds That Start With B Bulldog Labrottie.com


  • Weight – 100-130 pounds
  • Height – 24-27 inches
  • Breed Category – working group
  • Lifespan – 8-10 years
  • Exercise Needs – 45 minutes

Originally bred to guard the manner houses in England, before the Bullmastiff they had Bulldogs and Mastiffs. Both breeds were excellent but they had a slight default in sometimes killing the poachers, they wanted to be able to catch them and hold them there so that the gamekeeper could take the poacher/s away. 

Dog breeds that start with B Bullmastiff Labrottie.com

Conclusion on Dog Breeds That Start With B

We are sorry to say that this is the conclusion on dog breeds that start with B! But don’t worry, this article will always have a constant influx of new dog breeds that start with a B!

Dog breeds that start with B Bullmastiff Labrottie.com

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