What Is the Lab Cane Corso Mix?

The Lab Cane Corso mixed breed, is a powerful, loyal, loving, protective family companion. This breed will be quite large and bulky, and will need lots of exercise throughout the day.

Lab Cane Corso mix can be an alpha dog breed, and there for can be a handful when they want to be stubborn. This breed is really best suited for those who are experienced dog owners and know what they are doing.

In this article we will dive into the parent breeds first the Labrador and then the Cane Corso. Then finally we will dive into the Cane Corso, giving you the tools for you to successfully raise a Lab Cane Corso mix.

We will dive into the Cane Corso, giving you the tools for you to successfully raise a Lab Cane Corso - Cane -Corso Lab Mix - Labrottie.com
Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retrievers

  • Weight – 55 – 80 pounds
  • Height – 22 – 24 inches
  • Lifespan – 10 – 12 years
  • Major Health Concerns – hip & elbow dysplasia, retinal atrophy, obesity, & cold tail
  • Grooming – 4x weekly during shedding season 2x weekly during non-shedding season
  • Fur or Hair? – fur
  • Coat Colors – black, tan, white, yellow, & chocolate
  • Eye Color – brown
  • Exercise – they need long walks and runs and playtime in the yard several times a day.
  • Training – Labrador is very easy and very eager to train
  • Socialization – positive exposure to other people and dogs daily for best socialization.
  • Temperament – playful, loyal, even-tempered, outgoing, agile, trusting, gentle & smart
  • Good in apartments? – no they need a house with a fenced in yard

America’s most popular dog breed, is the Labrador Retriever, they are an agreeable and friendly companion. This breed holds the crown as the ever-popular choice for the family pets award.

Why is that? It is because Labs, Labradors, or Labrador Retrievers are highly social and love all people, children, and animals alike, which explains their worldwide popularity.

The Labrador was created and bred in Canada. They worked to help fishermen and hunters retrieve their catches. The hunters needed a friendly dog that loved fetching and being in the water at any temperature all day if necessary. They also needed the dog to be very soft in the mouth when retrieving a catch. 

The Labrador was sent over to England in the 1800s by some English noblemen who had discovered the breed while visiting Canada. Those breeds began the line that is now the English Labrador Retriever, bred more for show, companionship, and conformation.

The English Labrador is shorter, stockier, thicker necked, and more mellow than their American cousins. We have an article about the difference if you would like to know more about the American Labrador VS the English Labrador.

The Labrador was bred in Canada. They worked to help fishermen and hunters retrieve their catches. - Lab-Cane-Corso-Mix-Labrottie.com

The Cane Corso

  • Weight –  88 – 110 pounds
  • Height – 23 – 27 inches tall
  • Lifespan – 10 – 12 years
  • Health Issues – cataracts, hip dysplasia, arthritis, bloat, epilepsy
  • Grooming – 2x Brush Weekly 4-6x weekly during shedding season
  • Colors – black, black & brindle, fawn, tan, chestnut
  • Eye Color – brown
  • Exercise – an hour of running, playing, walking, or fetching minimum daily
  • Training –  use positive reinforcement in training
  • Socialization – take he/she everywhere you go
  • Temperament – kind, gentle, watchful, funny, playful with family, & very protective
  • Good in an apartment? – no, the Cane Corso needs a house, and a yard to play around in

The Cane Corsos is a big-boned Italian Mastiff used by the Romans as war dogs. They were also used to herd cattle, hunt, and protect the handler from danger.

Even though the Cane Corso was used back when the Romans ruled the world, little is known about the Cane Corso. In fact, they were only known to Italy up to the 1980’s, and until the 21st century the AKC only just recognized the Cane Corso.

Cane Corsos is a great guard dog for families because they are also known to be gentle and affectionate pets to family and friends.

With proper training and if given a job the Cane Corso will be one of the best dogs for the family! But with out the proper training, socialization, and exercise your hands will be full with this dog breed.

With proper training and job for the Cane Corso they will be one of the best dogs - Lab-Cane-Corso-Mix | Labrottie.com
Cane Corso

The Lab Cane Corso Mix

  • Weight – 55 – 110 pounds
  • Height – 22 – 28 inches tall
  • Lifespan – up to 12 years
  • Health Issues – gas, ectropion, cataracts, hip dysplasia, arthritis, bloat, & epilepsy
  • Grooming – 2x brush weekly 4-6x weekly during shedding season
  • Colors – black, chocolate, & grey
  • Eye Color – Brown
  • Exercise – an hour of running, playing, walking, or fetching minimum daily
  • Training – use positive reinforcement in training
  • Socialization – take he/she everywhere you go
  • Temperament – kind, gentle, watchful, funny, playful with family, & protective
  • Good in an apartment? – no, the Lab Cane Corso needs a house, and a yard to play around in

The Cane Corso Lab mix is an excellent family dog, their physical traits are: a broad chest with lots of muscle, their coat colors are usually black, grey and dark chocolate. The Lab Cane Corso might show aggression towards strangers, especially if not socialized and trained properly from an early age. 

They are a loving and devoted family member, they need a strict training and socialization program as a puppy. So that when they are adults they have a solid foundation to rest upon. A well trained and socialized Lab Cane Corso, is a great dog to own. Like wise an untrained Lab Cane Corso mix is not a fun dog breed to own at all.

During this last part of the article we will dive into what is need to keep these sweet pooches in great shape both physically & mentally, health issues, temperament and finally what rate we give them.

The Training of The Lab Cane Corso Mix

 Training shouldn’t be taken lightly with this breed, they need positive reinforcement training from the beginning. Take at least 20 minutes a day with your puppy, its also important to give them play breaks in between training.

Make the training sessions fun and relaxed, when training never stop teaching a command until the dog completes it. Occasionally as your Lab Cane Corso mix grows older s/he will decide to exercise some of its stubbornness and not follow a command or do something it wants to do. 

When you give up trying to tell a command and allow the puppy or young adult dog to do what it wants. They begin to think that they can start to get away with things. Pretty soon you find your self on the out skirts of the pack because your dog took over. 

So make sure to always have your dog complete a command before you let them do what they want. The Cane Corso Lab mix loves exercising its brain just as much as it does its body, so always give them something that will make them think. A new toy, puzzle, or even an obstacle course in or outside the house will make them extremely happy.

How Much Exercise Should You Give The Lab Cane Corso Mix?

The Labrador Corsos mix, energy level has two different levels it can kind of be like flipping a switch. One minute they could be calm and gentle, the next second they could be a fountain of energy. Much like if you shake a can of soda with some mentos in it, explosive out of control with excitement much like a raging bull. 

And adult Labrador Corso mix needs a daily exercise routine, that involves several strenuous walks or runs through out the day. They should exercised for at least 45 minutes each time, the Labrador Corsos as puppies need less strenuously exercise. 

They should be walked and played with for 15-20 minutes or until they are tired. Exercising to much will damage the puppies growing leg tendons and may mess them up forever.

If you go off to work, make sure to leave out some sort of toy that allows them to exercise their brain. Most extremely smart dog breeds need something that occupies their brains, whether its chew toys, food maze, or something.

The Lab Cane Corso mix can act out by doing:

  • escaping from the house
  • tearing up the house or yard
  • causing fights
  • hearding
  • being over protective

Labrador Cane Corsos can also suffer from separation anxiety, so it also helps them to have something that distracts them selves while your gone. 

Socialization is always easier when the Cane Corso Lab mix is a puppy, they| Labrottie.com

Socialization of the Labrador Corsos mix 

 Socialization is always easier when the Cane Corso Lab mix is a puppy, they are more malleable and formable to what you want. Which means you can train your puppy to have socially accepted behavior towards both humans and animals. Use lots of treats and praises when the puppy has completed a certain socialization skill. 

If how ever you have adopted or are just starting late in socializing, make sure to use positive praises and lots of treats. It will take a while for an adult Cane Corso Lab mix to break an old habit.

Habits take a while to break, and so it will take a while for his/her old habit of acting on its emotions to stop. An old habit can break and a new one can take its place, with plenty of retraining of the correct social skills. 

The Cane Corso Lab mix makes for a wonderful family pet, but needs the correct handling, training, exercise, and finally socialization. When socializing, don’t become tense and stiff when a problem arises. Dogs can sense and see when their owner becomes stiff, they are excellent body language readers. They them selves will become tense and on the look out to “protect you” even if it does not call for it.

So when socializing, remain calm and relaxed with a bag of treats, when your Cane Corso Lab mix reacts the way you want. Giving s/he a treat and or praise is very important because your encouraging them to develop this new habit. 

So when socializing, remain calm and relaxed with a bag of treats, when your| Labrottie.com

What Is The Temperament Of the Cane Corso Lab Mix? 

Cane Corso Lab Mix temperament is: 

  • Gentle
  • Loving
  • Playful
  • Very protective
  • Goofy
  • Easily trainable
  • Possessive 
  • Eager to please
  • Protective
  • Aloof
  • Self determined
  • Very independent

Lab Cane Corso mix’s make for great family pets and thrive on family affection, they do need some training to be around small children and toddlers. They might jump or tumble over the toddler if they run around them.

The older the dog the less likely they are to bowl over your toddler, but when the dog is in or just out of puppyhood. Special care should be taken to keep your dog from being so goofy or hyper that they knock over the toddler or kid. 

Cane Corso Lab mix’s can be very protective of you and or the family, which makes them great guard/watch dogs. They can how ever be possessive and territorial on certain objects that they consider theirs.

If they are so, you can’t really train it out of them, so just give the dog their space and their toy. Sometimes a dog will allow a toddler or infant to play with their beloved toy, other times not special care should be taken when the dog has its possessive object close by.

They can also be very independent, and may wish to be by them selves doing what ever they do. So when they get into that mood allow them the space that they want, when they are back in a good mood they will come around.

Cane Corso Lab mix can be very protective of you and or the family| Labrottie.com

Health Concerns for The Cane Corso Lab Mix

  • Gas
  • Ectropion
  • Cataracts
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Bloat
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye conditions

Regular veterinary check-ups, a healthy diet, and exercise can help prevent or manage these issues.

Conclusion of the Cane Corso Lab Mix We Give This Pooch ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In conclusion, the Lab Cane Corso mix is a high-energy, loyal, and intelligent dog breed. They require proper training, exercise, socialization, and care. If you are considering this breed, make sure you have the time and commitment to meet their needs to ensure they live happy and healthy lives.

We give this pooch a four star rating due to the fact that they are fantastic pets! But that they should be owned by people who know what they are doing. They need proper training exercise and socialization, and someone who is new to the dog world. Might not be able to achieve all of those goals, they can be a force of nature if given the latitude to be so.

They thrive on doing family activities, they do great with all age ranges, make sure that the kids have a healthy family interactions around the dog. They are also do not do well if kept outside in a fenced in kennel, they can become more territorial and aggressive if kept so.

Not What You Are Looking For?

If the Labrador Cane Corso mix seems a little to tame for your taste don’t worry. If you are looking for a more robust breed there is the Rottweiler Cane Corso mix. This mixed breed combines two alpha dog breed together and gives you a fantastic family dog that will be highly protective of you and your family.

Do you have a Labrador Cane Corso mix and want it in our dog gallery? Just email us the picture/s, name and info of the dog/s.

If you have a Cane Corso Lab mix and you think we here have missed an important fact. Please email us the information and we would be happy to add it to our article.

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