Abandoned Labrashepherd with a Happy Ending

Home Found for Abandoned Labrashepherd

Okay, so he’s a Labshep and not a rottie mix, but we know you’re like us: you LOVE dogs and you’re a sucker for happy ending stories, especially when it comes to dogs, right?

So we loved this story about the labrashepherd dog, which is a mix of black labrador retriever and German Shepherd named Zeus. (No not our Zeus… who knew it had become such a popular name for dogs?!)

Apparently, this poor baffled guy was found tied to a tree at the edge of the woods in Virginia. The bad news is that he was abandoned.

How could anyone?!?

The Good News

The good news is that he appears to have been found the same day he was abandoned. Whew! Yay!

Apparently, the owner couldn’t take care of him anymore. We get it. Hard times are hard, and if you have to give up your dog he was well cared for, it’s all the tougher. We also get it that pride can get in the way of taking the animal to a shelter and asking for help. (BUT GROW A PAIR MAN! GOSH!)

But man… swallow your pride and find a good home for your dog that would lay down his life for you. Remember, most shelters in most counties will take in dogs, so please… give man’s best friend another home.

Here’s where we first saw that story on Fox News.

This lady is an angel for giving this poor sweet dog a home. We’re betting on these two being very good for each other!

Abandoned dog, Zeus, who was found tied to a tree in the woods with a note from his owner, was finally adopted. (Facebook)

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