How to Exercise Your Dog

In this article on how to exercise your dog, we will give you many different options on how to exercise your dog!

Labrotties need a lot of exercise in their body and mind. You might be asking “why is that?” Because the labrottie parents were made to work. The Labrador was made to fetch ducks and help the fishermen haul in there catches.

While the Rottweiler was made to pull the meat wagons-and to guard the butcher’s money on the way back. They were also used to herd cattle, and guard the family.

Labrotties has a very sharp mind that needs to be honed in every day.  How do I hone in my Labrotties mind?

Teaching your Labrottie simple tricks like shaking hands, playing dead, tracking, herding, search and rescue any activities that make them use there mind will make a world of difference.

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Otherwise, the labrottie will decide to take it upon themself to learning new things by tearing up items that may be of great importance to us.

Zeus can now follow my sent after a week of training. We started when he was young, I would run off, and Zeus would come when called, though it took some time for him to the hang of it.

They also need a long walk or even running or jogging each day, they also need a yard to run around while you’re at work or gone we as their owners need to keep them at a stable weight. If You Want to Get in Shape, Get a Labrottie!

So if you live a sedentary life, a Labrottie may not be for you unless he’s an older dog.

Exercise toys for how to exercise your dog

How to exercise your dog #Indoors
#Inwinter #Athome

The market for dog toys is saturated with animal products. Because more people than ever are buying their dog’s toys, beds, better foods, etc.

The problem is, you don’t know what toy will withstand a 70-pound dog. That has the sharpest teeth you’ve ever seen!

So I have created a list that comprises of eight dog toys that are nearly indestructible.

  • Godoggo auto dog launcher
  • Ifetch auto dog launcher
  • Hyper Pet tennis balls
  • Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon K2 ball launcher
  • Chuckit Paraflight flyer dog toy
  • Hyper Pet Frisbee
  • Booda tail-spin flyer
  • Fresh N Floss tug rope dog toy

1. Godoggo G4 auto dog launcher

How to Exercise Your Dog #Indoors
#Inwinter #Athome
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The Godoggo auto dog ball launcher is great! It has four stars from customers.

The price for this one is a bit steep, at $134.99 bucks.

2 iFetch dog thrower

How to exercise your dog #Indoors
#Inwinter #Athome

The iFetch Dog thrower gets Three/half stars and is priced at 200.00

3 Hyper Pet tennis balls

How to Exercise Your Dog #Indoors
#Inwinter #Athome
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Hyper pet, balls you have three options,

  • Small balls four balls for $4.99.
  • Reg balls four balls for $5.95
  • Reg balls 12 pack $15.00

4 Hyper pet ball launcher

How to Exercise Your Dog #Indoors
#Inwinter #Athome
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The ball launcher gets three/half stars and is 19.99 – I personally will use a chuck-it! I am more impressed with the distance the ball can go rather than the Hyper pet ball launcher.

5 Chuckit Paraflight flyer dog toy

How to Exercise Your Dog #Indoors
#Inwinter #Athome
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Cheap and easy and fun for all! only:

  • $5.99 – For the small
  • $7.37 – For large multi-colored

6 Hyper Pet Frisbee

How to Exercise Your Dog #Indoors
#Inwinter #Athome
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This one is a little bit more expensive than the other frisbee:

  • A pack of two will go for $14.99 bucks

7 Booda tail-spin flyer

How to Exercise Your Dog #Indoors
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Tail-spin flyer comes in three different sizes:

  • Small $7.84
  • Medium $10.00
  • Large $7.26

8 Fresh N Floss tug rope dog toy

How to exercise your dog #Indoors
#Inwinter #Athome
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IF you just wanna play tug-a-war we have the perfect toy here!

  • The price is $4.38

Conclusion for how to exercise your dog

Well, you have our top eight dog toys! Some are expensive, but we also have placed out cheaper dog toys for you.

If you think a toy that should be on here, please send us an email and we would be happy! To place it on our list!

If you have a picture of your dog and you would like for us to post it on our dog photo gallery send us an email with:

  • Dog’s name
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Breed if you can!
  • And the back story of your dog!

For those of you who have or are going to get a new puppy! We have several dog name article just for you.

Do you have a mixed dog breed? And want to know what breed he/she is? But don’t know which dog DNA test kit to use? Well, we recently did a DNA test for Zeus, and boy are the results shocking!

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Happy Tails!

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