Dog Unlocks Door – Lets Owner Back in Home

We LOVE good dog stories and this one comes with a video to let you see this hero in action as the dog unlocks the door so the owner can get back in. Labrador Retrievers are intelligent and resourceful.

We’ve all done it at some point. Closed the door or the house or car, only to immediately realize we’d locked ourselves out. DARN!!

That happened to Kaylyn Marie, but it wasn’t because she left her keys inside. This time it was a security bar placed on the inside that blocks the glass patio doors from opening.

Well, Kaylyn Marie just stepped out onto her patio and the security bar slipped and fell into place. Instantly locking Kaylyn Marie out of her home!

Her dog, Sam was on the inside and wanted to be outside with Kaylyn, while Kaylyn wanted to be back on the inside. Lucky for Kaylyn, Sam is smart and eager to please (or play, as the case may be) and in short order, Sam the dog unlocks the door!

It’s sure to help that Kaylyn Marie has spent a lot of time in teaching Sam some tricks for treats, including a romp in her swimming pool.

In Closing

So cool! Here’s that post on Kaylyn Marie’s Facebook profile.

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Happy Tails

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