Labrottie: Playful, Happy, Loyal

It was exactly one year ago to this day that Zeus a Labrottie, a frightened puppy of around three months old was found hiding under the deck frightened and scared. I had come home from work, on Jan 26th thinking about dinner and a movie with my family.

When my mom told me that we have a strange puppy hiding under the deck, I, of course, being curious. Grabbed a flashlight and went down a pair of steps and looked into the shadows. To see a really small puppy about 15-20 feet back stuffed into a corner.

He was shivering and scared, I ran back in and yelled: “He’s still there!” I prepared a large bowl of dog food and stepped out of the house. Where I crawled a little bit under the house and placed the bowl of food down.

The puppy aka Zeus was laying down his back to the opening not moving, I then spent a good 10 minutes freezing and getting wetter by the minute trying to cox the puppy to at least eat the bowl of food.

I was really stumped because the puppy was not coming to the bowl, and the night was getting wetter and colder by the minute. I finally got up from the stairs and spoke to my self saying “He’s a puppy! If he stays out here tonight he’s done for! I’ll wake up to find him frozen body! I gotta do something!”

And so I did, I ran around the deck to the front of the house and grabbed an old leash. The lease was once used for our deceased Doberman/Lab Mix named Onyx.

I ran back took a deep breath and went under the deck, I immediately needed to belly crawl up to the poor mite, making a little trench with my hands so that I would not get stuck.

(Allow me to make a quick side note here- Crawling on wet cold ground is not fun, crawling on the ground that is completely frozen is even worse! Let alone needing to dig a trench in the ground that is so hard it’s like rock!

I finally made it up to Zeus who was acting as if he could not see me shoving his head under his hind leg. When I came up to him he was shivering so badly I thought he would just shake himself apart. Anyways I grabbed my leash looped it and started to place it around his neck when!

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A few days after his ordeal, all happy, and excited to start his new life!

If you wanna finish the story you can read it here.

Zeus an upstanding citizen of the Labrottie nation!

Meanwhile, here is a video, taken a couple of weeks ago during our second good snow here in North Carolina a year after Zeus was found. Zeus, like his master, LOVES playing… and LOVES the snow!! Zeus is well acclimated to our lifestyle! He wake’s up every morning, always eager to please one of the family members.

But mostly he looks up to me, because of our close bonding during his ordeal. But he also looks up to me because he knows that I am his alpha and that there is nothing I would not do for him! I know for a fact that I would have been able to forgive my self if I had simply let him stay under the deck and freeze to death!

We think Zeus is a labrottie, but some folks say he has German Shepherd in him as well. The reason for this thought is because of his long body, and secondary whiskers high up on his checks. Sometime soon I may get a DNA test for him. But meanwhile, what matters most, no matter the breed, but especially for high energy breeds is:

Tips for a Healthy, Balanced Labrottie!

  • Exercise
  • Discipline/training
  • Affection
  • Socialization

Rottweiler mixes are an energetic and intelligent breed. They love to listen and do what they’re told, but they can also be very headstrong and determined if they see something they want (or don’t want) to do. This means that they need a strong alpha pack leader!

The trick to remaining as the alpha leader is to constantly train them in new ways. If they don’t follow the order don’t give up keep commanding them to follow your order. Only then do you reward him/her with praises.

Zeus is well adjusted, but his weakness is that he’s afraid of people—especially men—carrying something in their hands. Perhaps he was abused and beaten by a man with something in his hand. We’ll never know. But what we do know is that it’s our job to try to socialize him and get him used to new people, and especially new people carrying packages and anything else in their hands

Other than that, as you can see, Zeus is a happy and playful dog. He’s my buddy, and we give each other a good workout: he wears me out, and I wear him out, and because of the extra exercise we both get, he stays happy and relaxed, and I get to stay active and fit!

Labrottie’s Rock!

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