Dog memes & Tips PT 1

All of these Dog memes & Tips I have made with special help from my family and the internet. I hope you have a great time looking through these hilarious dog memes!

This is the first part… We have the second gallery here!

Dog Tips

Good owners make for good dogs

Remember: Exercise, training, and affection: a well trained  puppy becomesa great dog.

Clean your dog’s ears using ear cleaner, or herbel remedy

Dogs need adequote exercise for a peaceful, happy, and balance state of mind, as well as for good health.

Labrotties average weight 92.5 lbs and range in weight from 70-115 lbs

Nip all undesirable behaviors in the bud.

Dog Tips

Labrotties are like mischievous kids: they need exercise, games and something interesting to do.

All Labrador Retrievers come from the same family tree: Newfoundland, Canada, Early 1800’s, Named after the Labrador Sea… Likely fo rtheir love of the water

Exercise discipline and then affection, and in that order.” ~ Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer

Labrotties need a purpose

Brushing your dog daily even for just 5 min will help keep the shedding down.

Brushing your dogs teeth is just as important as brushing your own

Cleaning you’r dogs ears so that they won’t get infectedis important. Useear cleaner, cotton balls, and your finger. When cleaning go up to your second nuckle NO deeper!

If you accidentally trim the dogs wick, press firmly on the wound for 30 seconds.

Your dog needs you to lead. Training is bonding.

It’s far easier to train a puppy than a 115 pound adult dog. So start young, and you’ll have a great dog.

It is essential for you to train the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix while she is a baby.

Shepweiler’s are loyal, intelligent, strong, fast, alert, aware and eager to work, play, please and do stuff.

From Helpful dog tips too! Funny dog memes

Ultimately, the best guard dog breed is the well-trained one.

Funny Dog Memes

I am a homan I don’t need no VET visit!

I must gomy planet needs me!

Later tonight I am so going to take a poop on your pillow!

Don’t worry pops! I got the frisbee!

A Labs only question… When is my next meal?

Donations Greatfully Accepted!

They call me Steve Dogs.

Yea ok! You got your photo! Now help me!

Yea hooray hooray you got your photo! Now help me out!

Some people want a new puppy. I want an old dog for his experience!

La La La! I can’t hear you!

Sorry I fell asleep due too your long and very boring speech

I found your speech very compelling for sleep!

What do you call a smart blonde? A Golden Retriever!

Pug life Till I Die Ruff

You can’t find me! I guess your going to have to cancel the vet apointment!

See I told you cats can’t swim!

Excuse me good sir I just took a poop. Please pick it up before I eat it.

Excuses me good sirs and ladies! Please adopt us!

Excuse me good lady! Do you mind if you make some room for me?

Can we go walking already!

I’m just so tired i’m just going t-

Don’t me do today! I just can’t!

I can’t do today!

Sorry what did you say? All I heard was cookie!

Did you say cookie!

Snow! Snow! Snow! I love SSSNOWWWWWW!

Does you want to play ball with me?

Dis mah pumpkins! get ur own!

Dis mah pumpkins!

Look mom I got a leaf!

I sits can I haz cookie now? pweeese?

Dog Memes

Dirt? Wat dirt on my face? I haz no idea wat you is talking about!

I haz stick iz perfect day!

Excuse me good sir do you mind throwing this stick again? for both of our amusement?

Dog Memes

Rescue dogs are the BEST!

“My golden Labrador Molly used to bring us presents whenever we returned home from being out. A shoe was her iteam her choice but she wouldn’t lot go for ages! We had to teach her to ‘release!”‘ ~Chloe

Dog Memes

“I would bring my lab everywhere. No matter how far away she wandered a good trademark whistle would always bring her back” ~Mark

Labrotties are a mixture of black Labrador Retriever and the German Rottweiler

“Labrotties are high energy, loving, caring, protective, loyal, and a large goofball!” ~Nikolai

Don’t make me do today! I just can’t!

Oh how thoughtful of you!

Are you going to give me that!?

Beware of dog! Cuddler up ahead!

Well its not going to kick it self!

Escape attempt! 3% Complete

Barked at mailman, he said “How cute!”

I am not amused!

Escape Artist Level: Expert!

Get your finger out of my mouth!

A face with character

Stop that! Or I’m gonna pee!

You’re not really thinking of sitting on my chair, are you?

Did you say NACHOS!

This is a bath!

What you said it was bath time!

What I’m cold!

This is so awesome! This is so embarrassing!

This is so awesome! She made me do it!

Aren’t we so pretty! She made me do it!


Whatever Happened… …Wasen’t Me!

Buckle up! This is going to be a wild ride!

Warning! She will steal your heart… & shoes!

Warning! He will steal your heart… & shoes

Momma! I love you! Here’s a flower!

I just like to smile Smiling is my favorite thing to do!

Whatcha Doin?

Life is wonderful

Dog Memes


I know I know! I’m lucky to be beautiful

I’m on a seafood diet! I see food & I eat it!

I don’t always have mud on my paws… …But when I do I make sure I step on everything!

Not all who wonderare lost… …But I sure am!

Not all who wonder are lost… Uhh which way now?

Fun fact: Huskies have 18 muscles in each ear to help ignore you!

Correction… This was your chair!

Wait! Those were santa’s cookies?

Oh come on guy’s! It’s not that bad!

OOOOOHHHHH Burt!!! NOT AGAIN! Someone let us outta here!

I’ve been mugged!

I just wanna cuddle! Thats all I want!

I know… I know I’m just so freaking adorable that I instantly make you happy!

When you wake up and you realize ITS FRIDAY! And you don’t have to go to WORK!

ME rushing out of work on! FRIDAY! afternoon

There are good hair days… and then there’s todays!

Leave me alone! I’m having a bad hair day!

Work? Yea… No

SO you’re telling me You sit all day looking at pictures of cats?

Yelling at the barkin dog to stop barking doesn’t work! the dog probably just thinks… Awesome now were both barking!

I don’t care where we go… I’m happy as long as I’m with you!

They call it fall… We call it extra summer!

When your human says “Who’s a good boy” When you already know your a good boy!

We know nothing about that hole!

I must have this to preform my next majic trick!

Dog Memes & Tips

I was yelled at last time I came in with muddy paws… This time it will be different!

Throw another snow ball I dare you!

Even dogs need a friends

Untoasted, Toasted, Burnt

Hey Girl! Want a ride!

Hey neighbor! What you cooking!

Hey neighbor! Is that Ham burgers I smell!

I’m telling you now I was not in your garden!

Hey neighbor Is that hot dogs I smell?

Is it dinner time yet?

Can I lick your plate now?

Dirt? what dirt?!

Hole! what hole?!

My name is! no No! NO! Got socks? Wanna play!

Oh your home early!

No more bacon! What have you done!

Fur missile incoming!

You threw it! You fetch it!

What is that!

What is you!

SSSSSSHHHHH! I’m hiding from the world

So do you want… To tell me why you were petting the neighbor’s dog!

Let me in… So I can go back out!

You say we’re out of dog treats… I don’t believe you!

You say we’re out of bacon!… I don’t believer you

You betrayed me human!

What makes you think I was digging in the garden?

Doorbell, Burglar, Killer, Cheese!

Dear sneeze, please don’t leave me hanging with my sneeze face on…

Get in loser! We’re going to petco

I don’ usually do this but when I do its usually for the hot dog moms eating



Here, you have something on your mouth let me help you!

SSHHH! Wait for when the cat walks by!

I love you!

You… you eaten… my cookies?

Dog Memes & Tips

I promise not to dog ear the pages!

Work? Nah! I’m good!

Mom! I’m being abused!

Finds booty… Sniffs it

HHHHMMMM, this looks important!

I’ve had a very ruff day!

The beginning of a life long relationship!

I’m bored! I wonder if mom left some clothing on the floor!

WHAT! The cat does it…  And yet you don’t tell her to get off!

Last time you said the  car ride will be fun… I woke up with out my balls!

Part 1: Yes I know where you’r socks are…  And I know that you know where the cookies are!

Part 2: I see that you’r still looking for your socks I could tell you… But it will cost you!

An inch mor and I can finally sniff her!

Mom! I is to tired to walk now!

Dog Memes

Damn! I’m cute!

Thanks for the 6K view folks!

You will never walk alone! For I shall always be at your side!

The Labrotties affections is timeless, their devotion is ageless, and their love is forever!

A Golden Retriever ther affection is timeless, their devotion is ageless, and their love is forever!

Sometimes the best medicine is a dog who thinks their love can cure you!

Covered in ice! I’m that dog your going to lose too!

I got rack on top of rack!

Short fur dogs that don’t shed… Good luck with that!

Who has four paws and is ridiculously cute! THIS GIRL

That toy won’t be squeaking back at me again!

I meant to behave… But there were just too many options

Hi! I’m here to make your day better!

Now where’s that Bacon wrapped burger recipe.

I shall hug him ans squeeze him… And call him George!

That was so good! Do we have any more?

Boy that beer and burger was sooo gooood!

Is it Friday yet? No, Ok see you Friday!

Dog Memes & Tips

I drank a whole bottle of bubbles and now I burb bubbles!

When mom asks: So what are you boys up to today?

And your like: Oh I think we’re going to do some ATV and observe nature

Squirrel hunting brought up a whole new level!

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